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Rheumatology is a subspeciality of internal medicine that deals with Auto-immune diseases(diseases where the body’s immune system attacks and damages its own tissues) that affects joints in the limbs and spine. These disorders have a varied presentation making the diagnosis difficult at times. Treatment involves prescribing medications that requires a trained rheumatologist for regulating the doses while closely monitoring for adverse drug reactions. Achieving optimum outcomes in this scenario still remains a challenge!

Rheumatology clinic in ganga has been functioning effectively in view of our clinicians’ global experience of handling patients with specific rheumatological diseases such as Rheumatoid arthritis, Gout and other inflammatory joint diseases. We handle patients with complex rheumatological needs and can provide holistic care targeted towards improving their quality of life.

We follow a team approach, working closely with physiotherapists & orthopaedic consultants and adopt internationally validated tools to measure the progress of patients with functional decline / disability from inflammatory joint diseases.

We have access to a number of radiological investigations on-site including:

  • A complete blood work up panel
  • Plain X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • MRI
  • Bone densitometry scans DEXA

  • Our Approach:

    1. Our services include the assessment of joint pain and stiffness and formulating a management plan involving our physiotherapist and clinical pharmacist for informed decision making for our patients with respect to their treatment. We monitor our patients closely and at times when medical treatment fails, we counsel them for arthroscopy assisted clearance of the joint or at times a joint replacement when there is significant destruction of the joint.
    2. Our treatments include pain relief, medication, exercise, dietary control, rest and relaxation, and education on how to best manage the condition. Other treatments may include the use of appliances, such as splints or braces.
    3. It is important that the doctor and the patient work together to develop a treatment schedule that helps each patient maintain or improve his or her lifestyle. In some difficult conditions a combination of treatments may be required.
    4. Please bring a list of all your current medications and dosages. If you have had a previous rheumatology appointment details please bring this too.
    5. It may also be helpful to write down any specific concerns which you wish to discuss at your appointment
    6. Visit Ganga for a one stop Rheumatology clinic. We are here to help you !

    Have a question? Call us +91 422 248 5000