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FNB Trauma Surgery

Ganga Hospital is a major tertiary care centre for accident injured patients and caters to more than 20000 trauma patients every year. The injuries range from the simplest to the most complex poly traumatized patients. The Trauma service of the Hospital works closely with the department of plastic surgery, abdominal surgeon, neurosurgeon and cardio-thoracic specialists to provide immediate resuscitation, stabilisation, surgical and intensive care and effective rehabilitation to provide the best care for the patients. The large patient turnover provides a fertile ground for surgical training and the department is recognized by the NBE for two-year super speciality training in Trauma surgery. For exact details, please visit The Trauma fellows actively participate in the management of trauma patients and are provided surgical experience. The Trauma fellowship enables the fellow to pursue research activities in trauma and also gain valuable clinical experience in trauma management. The fellow is primarily responsible for documentation and record maintenance of a large number of trauma victims. The trauma fellow actively participates in the documentation of all trauma patients and specifically patients with open injuries. The data has been used to evolve the Ganga Hospital Open Injury Severity Score and new protocols in the management of open injuries. The rich clinical material also provides adequate opportunities for active research work and international publications. As part of the curriculum, a detailed logbook and a complete full research project should be submitted at the end of two years. At the end of two-year tenure, an exit exam will be conducted by the National Board of examinations to assess the candidate based on which a certificate of completion will be provided.