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Fellowship in Limb Reconstruction Surgery

The Trauma unit at Ganga hospital is one of the busiest unit handling up to 10000 cases per year. The unit caters treatment to all kind of patients with Long Bone fractures , Geriatric fractures with special emphasis to Poly trauma and Open injuries .We have been always at the front advocating orthoplastic procedure for Open injuries and have developed our own Scoring system for Open fractures. Fellowship Curriculum : The MGR university accredited Limb Reconstructive Surgery fellowship is a one year fellowship that was started in 2015. Entrance exam for the fellowship will be conducted in May month of every year. Fellowship training begins on 1st July with an intake of 2 fellows per year. This fellowship provides adequate exposure to a Initial Management of Polytrauma patients, debridement skils, variety of techniques in limb reconstruction such as primary fixation, managing bone loss with LRS ,autografts[eg. free fibula] and allografts [in house bone bank], good knowledge of flaps. Fellows will be involved in trauma on-call duties regularly and this gives ample opportunity for them to get hands on training in the management of open injury and Closed fractures.Also they will get to assist Complex Trauma and Pelvi Acetabular fractures .They will be a part of Trauma audit meeting which are conducted daily which again provides a chance for the fellows to learn pre operative planning in complex trauma and to critically analyse the post-operative X-rays . Fellows will be actively involved in academics with journal presentations & case discussions every week. Fellows will have an ample opportunity to participate in conferences/academic meetings at state and national levels At the end of the year they will have their Thesis Project completed and submitted for publication.There will be an exit exam , conducted by the university and the fellowship certificate will be provided by the university upon successful completion of the exam.