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Fellowship in Arthoplasty

The Fellowship Program has a clinical and research focus, with Fellows expected to be are involved in all aspects of patient care. Arthroplasty fellows will be exposed to a wide variety of joint reconstructive surgery including revision hip and knee replacements and shoulder replacements. Approximately 1200 joint replacement surgeries are performed per year and the fellowship is open to Orthopaedic trainees. Fellowship Objectives : At the completion of this Fellowship, the trainee will be able to : Clinical Skills Demonstrate the ability to assess a degenerative joint; Perform a complete musculoskeletal and neurological examination of the limbs; Arrive at an appropriate differential diagnosis. Order and interpret appropriate laboratory, radiological and other diagnostic procedures; Produce an acceptable management plan; Display knowledge of and competence in treating surgical and medical complications; Provide a plan for patient follow-up. Technical Skills Exhibit proficiency in non-operative management of the joint disease; Demonstrate technical competence in the surgical management of a degenerative joint; Show capacity for the correct use of instrumentation for joint disorders. Cognitive Knowledge Demonstrate fundamental knowledge and understanding of the incidence, aetiology, pathophysiology, natural history, diagnosis, investigation, management, prognosis, and complications of the disease processes affecting the joints; Participate in clinical orthopaedic research; Exhibit skills in the critical appraisal of scientific literature specifically in the design, methodology and evaluation of clinical studies. Patient Care Duties Fellows are expected to be in attendance at the surgery to assist the Surgeon. Fellows are to attend the Surgeon's Outpatient Clinics and Arthroplasty Clinics. For fellows with Orthopaedic training, outpatient clinics may also include fracture clinics. The Fellows are expected to provide backup and be a resource to the surgical residents-in-training in the management of in-patient care and peri-operative patient care. Arthroplasty Rounds Arthroplasty rounds are held on a daily basis in conjunction with the Department of Orthopedics. Fellow participation and attendance in case/topic presentations are expected. In addition, the Fellow is encouraged to assist in the preparation of the monthly meetings of the Coimbatore Orthopedic Association and of any academic conferences. Teaching Fellows participate in educational endeavours - they are expected to participate in the teaching activities for residents and allied health professionals. Research As part of their program, Fellows will participate actively in research and academic activities. Research opportunities exist in biomechanics, basic science, epidemiology, and clinical studies.