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Presentation 2013 - 2014

32nd Annual Conference of KOACON (Kerala  Orthopaedic Association), Kerala January, 2013  

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= Current concepts in Thoracolumbar Fracture = Problem of Deformity in Spinal Tuberculosis 

Dr Dheenadhayalan  

= Subtrochanteric fracture Nail Vs plate 

= Late presentation of femoral neck fracture 

Trauma Expert committee meeting, Mumbai,  January, 2013 

Dr Dheenadhayalan  

= Case Discussion 

26th Annual Conference of ASSICON (Association of Spine Surgeons of India),  Kerala, January, 2013 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= Where does the Disc Fail in Lumbar Disc Herniation? = Presidential Address: ASSI – From Here to Where?” = Is the Published Paper Sacred Anymore. 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Spino Pelvic Fixation – Indications & Technique 

Dr Rishi Kanna 

= Management of pain in spinal malignancies = Patterns of disc degeneration are different in disc  prolapse and DDD 

46th Annual Conference of TNOACON (Tamilnadu Orthopaedic Association),  February, 2013 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= Rationale of Surgical Management in TB of Spine = Spine Session: (Video demonstration)  

How I Do it - Microdiscectomy 

Dr Dheenadhayalan  

= Approaches and Fixation Techniques for Complex  Distal Femoral Fractures Including Intra-articular  Fractures 

= Good Outcome by An Innovative hybridization in  difcult and complex distal shaft humerus fractures  at junctional zone of shaft and columns of distal  humerus  


46th Annual Conference of TNOACON 

(Tamilnadu Orthopaedic Association),  February, 2013 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Radiology of the lumbar spine  

= Posterior Single Stage Hemivertebra Excision with  Transpedicular Instrumentation 

Dr Devendra 

= Single stage reconstruction of Bone gaps in long  bones using Gamma irradiated Allografts 

Dr Sundarajan S.R 

= MPFL reconstruction in patellar instability using  double bundle semitendinosis autograft- A  prospective series of 17 cases. It won the Prof  Ramanathan CONSULTANT GOLD MEDAL 

= Posterolateral reconstruction – My favourite  technique, video presentation 

Dr Ramesh 

= Role of biochemical markers in open lower limb  injuries 

Dr Rishi Kanna 

= Benign vertebral tumors of the spine (Prof  Vyageswaralu Medal Presentation) 

Dr Venkatdas 

= Does elastic nailing for paediatric forearm fractures  make a difference? (Prof M Natarajan Gold Medal) 

2nd Annual Sho Elbow Con, Pune, February  2013 

Dr Dheenadhayalan  

= Manipulation under anaesthesia in frozen shoulder IASM, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore March 2013, 

Dr. S. R. Sundararajan 

= PCL reconstruction Tips and tricks 

Guangdong Spine Symposium, China,  March, 2013 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Minima

lly invaive techniques in lumbar spine  surgery 

National Symposium on Recent Trends in  Innovative Research at Undergraduation: Science  & Society, Sri Venkateswara College, Dhaula  Kuan, New Delhi, March 2013 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= “Spinal Cord Injury and Regeneration”  

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons  meeting, Chicago, USA, March 2013 

Dr. Rishi Kanna  

= Diffusion tensor imaging analysis and data metrics  of normal human cervical spinal cord 

= Quantication of neuronal injury in cervical  myelopathy using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) 

Sunrise Shoulder CME, Cochin, April, 2013 

Dr. S. R. Sundararajan 

= Clinical and pathological aspects of Anterior  shoulder instability  

= Video presentation of subacromial decompression  and Acromioclavicular joint excision. 

ISOC Meeting , Klinik, Hamburg, April 2013 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= Evolution and Treatment of Severe Kyphotic  Deformity in Spinal Tuberculosis 

= Ganga Hospital Open Injury Score to Predict  Amputation and Limb Salvage Pathways in Severely  Injured Limbs 

ISHKS annual meeting, Kolkata, April 2013 

Dr. Rajkumar .N 

= Screw augmentation in medial tibial bone defects  during Total Knee Replacement 

Ganga Operative Spine Course, Coimbatore,  April, 2013 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= Live Surgery presentation: Odontoid screw xation = Live Surgery presentation: L5 S1 Microdiscectomy

= Live Surgery presentation: Post TB Kyphosis Plan –  Closing Opening Wedge Osteotomy

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

= Post Traumatic Kyphosis  

Live Demonsration  

= TB spine – circumferential decompression,  reconstruction & fusion by all posterior approach 

= Trans pedicular biopsy  

AIOSKCON, Madurai, May, 2013. 

Dr. S. R. Sundararajan 

= Patella instability and MPFL reconstruction = Role of Arthroscopy in subacromial decompression = Posterolateral corner injuries and reconstruction 

40th Annual Meeting of ISSLS 2013, Scottsdale,  Arizona, USA, May 2013 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= Comparison of lumbar disc degeneration  characteristics between patients with low back pain  and sciatica results of clinico-radiological analysis of  224 patients 

= The anatomy of failure in lumbar disc herniation - an  in-vivo, multi-modal, prospective study of 181  subjects 

Kovai Medical Centre & Hospital,  

ARTHROPLASTY MEET Coimbatore, May 2014 

Dr. Dhanasekara Raja  

= “ Unmet clinical needs” 

Sunshine Shoulder Course, Hyderabad,  May ,2013  

Dr Dheenadhayalan  

= Proximal humerus fractures  

= Fracture clavicle - when to x and how to x 

= Chronic dislocations - both anterior and posterior 

= Total shoulder replacement 

= Shoulder girdle injuries 

AO principles course, Cochin, May,2013  

Dr Dheenadhayalan  

= Principles of fracture management - the patient &  the injury 

= Humeral Shaft fractures  

= Principles of Tension Band, Olecranon & Patellar  Fractures

CME at Thrissur under the aegis of KOA,  May, 2013 

Dr Dheenadhayalan  

= Non operative and minimal invasive surgery in  management of fracture calcaneum 

Stanley CME under the aegis of TNOA Chennai,  June, 2013 

Dr Dheenadhayalan  

= Proximal humerus fracture video demonstration 

Combined meeting of the 10th Biannual  Congress of the African Society of Orthopaedics  (SAFO) and the7th Annual Scientic Conference  of the Kenya Orthopaedic Association (KOA),  Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC),  Nairobi Kenya, July 2013 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= (Plenary Lecture): Problem of kyphosis in Spinal  Tuberculosis 

= Ganga Hospital Score in Management of Open  Injuries 

= The challenges of being a recipient of Medical  Tourists  

= Congenital Scoliosis 

= DTI - A new form of MRI 

Ganga Operative Trauma Course, June, 2013 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Tips and tricks of iliosacral screw Fixation 

IPOS, Orlando, USA, June, 2013 

Dr. Venkatadass K. 

= Sliding-angulation osteotomy of ulna for chronic  radial head dislocation following missed Monteggia  Injuries – An innovative technique 

SPARSH Trauma Course 2013, SPARSH Hospital, Bangalore, July 2013 

Dr Devendra 

= Considerations in Skeletal xation in Open fractures: 

= The Problem of Bone gap 

Dr Ramesh Perumal 

= Biochemical markers in open lower limb injuries  based on GHOIS.  

= Role of VAC therapy in open injuries.  

SPARSH Trauma Course 2013, SPARSH Hospital, Bangalore, July 2013 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= Life Saving Measures First: Limb Next 

= Resuscitating the Art of True Living 

= Case Scenario Presentations 

= Case Scenario-Casualties in Casualty-Can we avoid? = Should you Score or is it a Bore? Problems of  Failures & Secondary Amputation 

= The Ganga Hospital Score 

= Debridement – Foundation for Success 

= VAC – The Ultimate Help? 

Prof. TKS CME, Maduranthagam, July 2013  

Dr Dheenadhayalan  

= Nonunion – Femoral neck fractures 

Continuing Medical Education, Thrissur,  July, 2013 

Dr Balavenkat 

= Guest Lecture on Geriatric Patients with hip  surgeries: Anaesthetic challenges 

AO Trauma MIO course, Ahmedabad, July, 2013 Dr Dheenadhayalan  

= Complications in minimal invasive osteosynthesis 

APOA 2013- 9th Asia Pacific Spine Society  Congress with the 9th APOA Paediatric Section  Congress and 5th APOA Infection Section  Scientific Meeting, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia,  August 2013. 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= New Technologies in Spine, What & When to  Embrace? 

= Involvement in Spine Societies 

= Tips on Writing an Award Winning Manuscript 

12th Annual Conference of OASIS and Pre  Conference CME and Workshop, Anandha Inn  Convention Centre, Pondicherry, August, 2013  

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= Prof Marthandam Memorial Oration: Management of  Severe Spinal Deformities  

= How to make your Research Project into an award  winning one 

ICS (Instructional Course in Spine) 2013, Hotel  Carlton, Kodaikanal, August 2013 

Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

= Surgical Planning in redo lumbar spinal surgery = Biomechanics of a Kyphotic Spinal Deformity 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Planning instrumentation in the osteoporotic spine Techniques to avoid implant failure 

OASISCON, Pondicherry, August, 2013 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Decision making in thoracolumbar fractures 

MS Ramiah advanced learning center, Bangalore  August, 2013 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Cadaveric demonstration of lumbar pedicle screws  & lumbar microdiscectomy 

= Cadaveric workshop on Lumbar Micro Discectomy,  Conventional Discectomy & Lumbar Pedical Screw  Instrumentation”  

Traumacon, Mumbai, August 2013 

Dr Dheenadhayalan 

= Infective nonunion of humerus 

= Floating knee injuries 

= Nonunion of trochanter 

= Radial nerve suturing 

OASISCON, Pondicherry, August 2013 

Dr Dheenadhayalan 

= Fixation of Radial head fractures 

Hip symposium Vasanthi Orthopaedic Hospital ,  August,2013 

Dr. Dheenadhayalan 

= Unstable trochanteric fractures 

Shoulder symposium at Vasanthi Orthopaedic  Hospital , August, 2013 

Dr. Dheenadhyalan  

= Floating shoulder injuries 

AO Basic principles course, Coimbatore, August,  2013 

Dr. S. R. Sundararajan 

= Surgical reduction techniques-Direct and Indirect = Management of infections in fractures - Acute and  Chronic 

= Extramedullary xations-Bridging plate and external  xator 

Dr Devendra 

= Principles of management of Articular fractures = Trochanteric fractures, management,  

Dr Rajkumar 

= Presentation on Absolute Stability 

Dr Ramesh 

= Reduction techniques of diaphyseal  

fractures—principles and methods  

= Distal femoral fractures—management principles.  = Emergency management of pelvic fractures—a  critical skill can save lives 

Dr Arun Kamal  

= Tibia condyle fractures 

= Locking plate principles 

South Zone Conference of Indian Society of  Anaesthesiologists, SZISACON Pondicherry  August, 2013 

Dr. Balavenkat 

= Current Concepts in Blood Transfusion and  Transfusion Trigger  

AO principles course Chennai, August, 2013 

Dr Dheenadhayalan 

= Management of Open fracture  

= Humerus fractures 

= Distal femur fractures 

3rd Indo US shoulder course, Coimbatore,  August, 2013 

Dr Dheenadhayalan 

= Proximal humerus fractures 

Society, 48th Annual Meeting & Course, Lyon, France, September 2013 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= A Global Perspective of the Management of Severe  Spinal Deformities with Paralysis in Spinal  Tuberculosis 

Moderated the session on:  

= Health Resources, Complications, Neuromuscular  Scoliosis and Neuromonitoring 

Spine Sciences' State of the Art Forum,  (organized by Eurospine Foundation), Centre  du Théâtre de l'Espérance (rue de la Chapelle  8, Geneva), Switzerland, september2013 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= Pharmacological enhancement of disc diffusion and  differentiation of healthy,ageing and degenerated  disc 

= Anatomy of Failure in Lumbar Disc Herniations 

AO Spine Operative Course For Spine  Degenerative Disorders, Ganga Hospital  Coimbatore, September 2013 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Positioning for lumbar spine surgery  

= Tips and tricks of Anterior cervical exposure = Live demonstration of 1) lumbar spinous splitting  decompression  

= lumbar microdiscectomy 

CME - tumour awareness programme, Guest  lecture at GKNM, Coimbatore. September,  2013 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Management of skeletal complications in multiple  myeloma  

SPOT Hospital annual CME on Spinal  disorders, September 2013 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Whats new in spinal tuberculosis  

= Live demonstration of spondylolisthesis surgery –  instrumented TLIF. 

Karnataka State Conference KISACON2103,  Bangalore, September, 2013 

Dr. Balavenkat 

= Anaesthesia for Geriatric patients coming for  emergency orthopaedic procedure 

Combined Meeting of Neurospine & Midwest  Orthopaedic Society, Salem, September, 2013  

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= CME on Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disorders 

= Imaging in Lumbar Disc Disorder  

= Conservative Treatment of Lumbar Disc. 

SICOT Orthopaedic 34th World Congress,  Hyderabad, October 2013 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= Future Imaging Techniques – DTI, Spectroscopy,  FMRI 

= Steroids for Cervical Spinal Cord Injury – Useful or  Harmful? 

= Spine Research Project - "The Anatomy of failure in  Lumbar Disc Herniation. An in-vivo, multi-modal,  prospective study of 181 subjects” 

= Limb Salvage Vs Amputation – Do Scoring Systems  Work? 

= Plenary Lecture – “Medicine - For Whose Benefit?  Let's Heal Ourselves First" 

Dr. Devendra  

= One bone forearm Reconstruction in challenging  situations, a Simple solution 

= Single stage reconstruction of Bone gaps in long  bones using Gamma irradiated Allografts 

Dr. Anupama 

= How to read MRI SPINE 

Instructional course on Research  methodology, Chennai, October, 2013 

Dr Dheenadhayalan 


World Society for Endoscopic, Navigated &  Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery, 6th Annual  Congress of the (WENMISS), New Delhi,  November 2013 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= Anatomy of Failure in Lumbar Disc Herniation = Role of Navigation in Cervical Spine Surgery 

CME on complex trauma Madurai. November, 2013 

Dr. Dheenadhyalan  

= Proximal humerus fractures Fixation 

= AC joint dislocation 

Indian Arthroplasty Association Annual Meet,  Jaipur, November, 2013. 

Dr. Dhanasekara Raja  

= Most difficult case management- Hip replacement,  “Infection complicating metal on metal THR with  metal hypersensitivity”. 

13th ISSICON – 12th ASCON 2013 Conference in  Coimbatore, November 2013 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= Management of vertebral lesions in spinal cord  injured patients  

= Decompression techniques in thoracolumbar  fractures 

= SI joint xation 

= Paediatric spine injuries  

MOACON Nanded November, 2013 

Dr Dheenadhayalan 

= Osteosynthesis in delayed presentation of femoral  neck fractures 

International Spinal Cord Injury Conference,  Coimbatore, November 2013  

Dr. Rishi Kanna 

= How I do it – techniques - Reduction of uni bifacetal dislocation 

= How I do it – techniques - Reducing translational  injuries 

= Osteoporotic fractures 

= Load Sharing Classification in TL fractures 

AO Deformity course November, 2013 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty 

= Correction maneuvers in scoliosis 

= Anterior release in scoliosis 

= Principles in kyphosis correction 

= Surgery in ankylosing spondylitis 

= Deformity in infections  

AOSpine Davos Course 2013, Davos,  Switzerland, December, 2013 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= Anatomy of Failure in Lumbar Disc Herniation = Case presentation & Discussion- Adolescent  Idiopathic Scolisis 

= Expert opinion and lecture - Adolescent Idiopathic  Scoliosis (Lenke 1C- fuse both curves?) 

= Case presentation & Discussion- Thoracolumbar  Trauma in the elderly patient 

= CPD Session: Theoretical part: New AOSpine  cervical fracture classication 

= Image for cervical trauma  

58th Annual Conference of IOACON 2013 (Indian  Orthopaedic Association Conference) Agra,  December, 2013  

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= KT Dholakia CME, Degenerative Disc Disease  = Kini Memorial Oration: Snakes and Ladders in the  path to Professional Excellence 

= Decision making in thoraco-lumbar burst fractures  

Dr Dheenadhyalan 

= Decision making in open fracture management = Radiological correlation of clinical outcome in  proximal humerus fracture management 

Dr Devendra 

= Single stage reconstruction of Bone gaps in long  bones using Gamma irradiated Allografts 

Dr Rajkumar 

= Evaluation of Radiological and functional outcome  of Allografts in Orthopaedic procedures  

= DIAPHRAGMATIC RUPTURE-A Phenomenon not to  be missed  

= Poster presentation on Screw augmentation in  medial tibial bone defects during Total Knee  Replacement.  

58th Annual Conference of IOACON 2013 (Indian  Orthopaedic Association Conference) Agra,  December, 2013  

Dr. Sundarrajan 

= Is Single stage reconstruction possible with  autografts alone in multiligamentous chronic knee  injuries? A prospective case series of 40 patients poster presentation,  

= Patellar instability - Arthroscopy assisted double  bundled MPFL reconstruction using looped  semitendinosus autograft. A prospective study of  25 cases. 

Dr. Ramesh 

= Biochemical markers (serum lactate and  Interleukin-6) in open injuries. 

= Can they predict timing of reconstruction’ 

Dr. Rishi Kanna 

= Genetic susceptibility of degenerative disc disease  in the young (RC RALLAN BASIC SCIENCE PRESENTATION) 

Dr. Venkatdass 

= Is prone position ideal for manipulation & pinning of  displaced pediatric extension type supracondylar  fractures of humerus? - A randomized control trial. 

Dr. Vetrichelvan 

= Functional And Radiological Outcome Of Schatzker  Type V & VI Tibial Plateau Fractures Treated With  Dual Plating Technique.  

Dr Gowrishankar 

= Is prone position ideal for manipulation & pinning of  displaced pediatric extension type supracondylar  fractures of humerus? - A randomized control trial.

WIROC, Mumbai, December, 2013 

Dr Dheenadhayalan 

= What not to do in intraarticular fractures of distal  end of humerus 

= Misunderstanding Modern Implants; Problems with  Locked plates, and Management 

National Indian Society of Anaesthesiolgists Conference, Guwahati, Assam December, 201

Dr. Balavenkat 

= Intricacies of Spinal Anaesthesia 

= Failed Spinal Anaesthesia: Causes and Solutions

= Panel Discussion on Polytrauma 

= Regional Anaesthesia and AntiCoagulation 

Orthopaedic Learning Academy Webinar,  Mumbai, December, 2013 

Dr. Dheenadhyalan  

= Webinar on management of open injuries 

Dr. Ramesh  

= Arrival to Operation theatre in Open fractures  management.  

= Negative pressure wound therapy management in  Open fractures management.  

Dr. Devendra  

= Primary Closure in Open Fractures 

Ao advance course, Davos December, 2013 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Recurrent disc prolapse – my approach = Case presentation - & solution for axial back pain  = Case presentation & solution for axial neck pain = Role of instrumentation in OPLL 

CME on Locking Plates, Current Concepts and  Pitfalls, Thirunelveli, December, 2013 

Dr Dheenadhayalan 

= Proximal humerus fractures 

KOACON 2014 Trivandrum, January 2014  

Dr. Dheenadhyalan  

= Proximal humerus fracture 


Dr. Sundarrajan 

= Soft TissueInjuryconsiderations in fractures  

27th Annual Conference of Association of Spine  Surgeons of India (ASSICON 2014) Conference,  Hyatt Regency, Kolkatta, January, 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= MMP 7, CALM 1 and Cox 2 genes influence genetic  susceptibility of lumbar degenerative disc disease in  young adults – Analysis of 58 single nucleotide  polymorphism in 580 individuals based on Total  Degenerative Disc Score. 

= Childhood spinal tuberculosis – A “Two in One  Disease” Entity 

= Video Presentation – When to go Posterior in spinal  TB 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Biopsy of spine tumors 

= Subaxial cervical spine injury – role of anterior &  posterior surgery 

= Hemi vertebrae excision in congenital scoliosis  (Presentation for VTI medal) 

Dr Rishi Kanna 

= Posterior Fixation including the fractured vertebra –  results of fractures of LSC >7 

20th Annual Conference of Pediatric Orthopaedic  Society of India (POSICON 2014) Conference, Le  Royal Meridian, Chennai., January, 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= Tuberculous Kyphosis 

Dr Venkatadass K 

= Allografts – a boon in treating pediatric bone  tumours 

IASMCON Jaipur, January 2014 

Dr. S. R. Sundararajan 

= Mechanism of knee sports injuries types / Facts. = Clinical Examination of the Shoulder 

= Anatomical double bundle reconstruction in Elite  Athlete 


DR. Dheenadhyalan .J 

= Reduce, hold and x Distal femur fractures = Posteromedial fragment of tibial plateau fractures = Space rod technique in bone defects 

= Allografts in distal femur fractures 

RACE, Sri Ramachandra Medical College,  Chennai, January 2014 

Dr. Balavenkat 

= Intraoperative Spinal Cord Monitoring” 

= Monitoring Fluid Therapy: can all that counts be  counted 

47th Annual Conference of Tamilnadu  Orthopaedic Association (TNOACON 2014)  Conference, Chettinad Health City,  Kelambakkam, Chennai, February, 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= Limb Salvage Vs Amputation in Mangled Extremities = Odontoid Fractures of Spine  

= Prof M Natarajan Oration - Medicine for Whose  Benefit 

KOACON (Karnataka Orthopaedic Association  Conference) 2014, NIMHANS Convention Centre,  Bangalore, February 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= Listhesis – What to do and How to do? 

= How I do it? Video Session on PLIF 

= Scope for Research in Orthopaedics in Current  Setting (Scenario) 

Dr. Dheenadhyalan 

= Proximal humerus fracture video demonstration = Posteromedial fragment of tibial pleateu 

TNOA CON Chennai, February, 2014. 

Dr Dheenadhayalan  

= Hoffas fracture 

= Extraarticular Floating knee injuries 

Dr Dhanasekara Raja 

= Fibular avulsion sign: A new radiological sign  associated with peroneal nervepalsy complicating  total knee replacement in valgus knees” 

TNOA CON Chennai, February, 2014. 

Dr. Sundarajan 

= Tips and tricks in PCL Reconstruction – Video  session,  

= Emerging trends-Isolated and combined PCL injuries 

= Management of charcots joint in ankle and hind foot.  Is it still a challenge?  

= Video demonstration on Bankarts repair 

= Poster presentation on neglected unreduced  dislocation of MTP joint of great toe 

Dr. Rajkumar 

= SWASHBUCKLER APPROACH”- A Modified Anterior  Approach for the Distal Femur Fractures  

Dr. Rishi Kanna 

= Genetic susceptibility of degenerative disc disease in  the young  

Dr. Venkatdass 

= Is prone position ideal for closed reduction & pining  of pediatric supracondylar fractures?  

EBM Conference, Tata Memorial Hospital,  Mumbai, February 2014 

Dr. Balavenkat 

= “Does Epidural Anaesthesia influence the morbidity  and mortality? 

33rd Annual Conference of North Zone chapter of  Indian Orthopaedic Association, Hotel Radisson  BLU Amritsar March 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= Plenary Lecture – Medicine – For Whose Benefit = Spinal Trauma – When to Fix ? How to Fix? = Failed Back Surgery Syndrome 

Asia Anaesthesia Summit, ITC Grand, Mumbai,  March 2014 

Dr. Balavenkat 

= “ Leadership in Anaesthesia” 

Webinar IFAS 2014 

Dr. Sundarajan 

= Talus fractures 

43rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for  Spine Surgery and Related Research, Kyoto,  Japan April - 2014 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T  

= Hemivertebrectomy- indications & technique 

Annual Meeting of the Spine Association of  Gujarat, Hotel Inder Residency, Opp. Gujarat  College, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad, April 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= Dr. Dinubhai Patel Oration -'Spine Surgery - For  Whose Benefit'. 

= Disc Diffusion 

Symposium on Idiopathic Scoliosis – Lake Shore  Hospital, Cochin, March 2014 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Bracing in scoliosis 

= Proximal thoracic curve – DIAGNOSIS AND MANAGEMENT 

ISHKS annual meeting PUNE, April 2014  

Dr. Rajkumar .N 

= Acetabular Reconstruction Rings & Cages in Total  hip replacement to reconstruct deficient acetabulum  – A series of 44 cases  

KMCH - Paediatric Orthopaedic Conference,  KMCH Coimbatore, April 2014 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Scoliosis in children - spine at risk 

World Forum for Spine Research, China,  May 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= The Anatomy of Failure and importance of end plate  injury in lumbar disc prolapse and degeneration 

= MMP 7, CALM 1 and Cox 2 genes influence genetic  susceptibility of lumbar degenerative disc disease in  young adults - Analysis of 58 Single Nucleotide  Polymorphisms in 580 individuals based on Total  Degenerative Disc Score. 

AO Spine Principles Course – Xian, China,  May 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= Overview of congenital scoliosis, assessment of  growth potential, and indications for surgery = Assessment and Management of TB Spinal Infection  Case Presentation: Chiari malformation and syrinx  in a patient with scoliosis 

The Childs Trust Medical Research  

Foundation(CTMRF) and XXIII Dr M S  Ramakrishnan Memorial Endowment Oration,  Chennai, May 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= Oration: Pediatric Spinal Problems 

Kovai Medical Centre & Hospital,  

ARTHROPLASTY MEET Coimbatore, May 2014 

Dr. Dhanasekara Raja  

= “ Unmet clinical needs” 

CME of Midwest orthopaedic society, Salem May, 2014  

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Pyogenic Spodylodiscitis - Diagnosis And  Management  

= Management Of Tharacolumbar Fractures By  Posterior Approach  

= Interbody Fusion In Spondylolisthesis. 

Bone School, Sparsh Hospital, Bangalore,  May 2014 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Evaluation & management of thoracolumbar  fractures  

= Evaluation of scoliosis patient  

ISSLS, 41st Annual Meeting (International  Society for the Study of Lumbar Spine) Korea,  June 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= Accelerated DDD in young adults is associated with  polymorphisms in MMP 7, CALM 1 and Cox 2 genes = A Prospective study of Correlation between clinical  disability and radiological features in degenerative  lumbar canal stenosis (LCS) 

Ganga Operative Trauma Course, June 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= Decision making in open fractures 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Tips and tricks of iliosacral screw fixation  

Ganga Operative Trauma course, Coimbatore,  June 2014. 

Dr. Dheenadhyalan  

= Live surgical demonstration of distal radius fracture  fixation 

= Live surgical demonstration of proximal humerus  racture fixation 

= Live surgical demonstration of tibial plataeu fracture 

Dr P Dhanasekara Raja 

= Live surgical demonstration of Trochanteric fracture  with subtrochanteric extension  

Dr. Rajkumar 

= Live surgical demonstration of distal femur fracture  fixation 

Dr. Ramesh 

= Role of Biochemical Markers in Open Fractures 

Dr J Dheenadhayalan 

= Management of Bone loss in Open Supracondylar  Femur Fractures  

Dr. Devendra 

= Interlock Nailing Tips in Routine Practice  

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= Decision Making in Open Fractures  

Dr S R Sundararajan  

= Percutaneous Elevation of Tibial Plateau Fractures,  Tips and Tricks 

= Calcaneum Fractures - Plating  

Dr Ajoy Shetty 

= SI Joint Fixation, Tips and Tricks  

Hokkaido University Seminar on Surgery of  Spine and Spinal Cord, Sapparo,  Japan, July 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= The rationale for using metallic implants for spinal  infections 

= Surgical Strategy and procedures for severe  kyphotic deformity in TB Spine 

= Ilio-sacral fixation techniques 

Dr MJ Joshi- IMA Bushan Puraskar Ceremony,  CME on Pain Management, Pune, July 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= Low Back Pain: Facts and Myths 

= Oration: Medicine for Whose Benefit 

CME Madurai, July 2014 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Posterior surgery for scoliosis  

= Cervicothoracic Injuries 

Trauma Conclave, Chennai, July 2014,  

Dr Venkatadass K 

= Acute Lateral condyle fractures in children

= Radial Neck fractures in children 

= Interactive Case discussion – Lower limbs

Trauma Conclave Bangalore, July 2014  

Dr. Venkatdass k 

= Radial Neck Fractures in children 

= Ankle Fractures in children 

Instructional Course in Spine (ICS) 2014,  Udiapur, August 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= Does spondylotic myelopathy always need surgery 

Prof T K Shanmugasundaram Endowment  Oration, Chennai, August 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= Oration: Surgeon and Spinal Tuberculosis  

DMH – IORAS Golden Celebration, Uthankudi,  Madurai, August 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= Controversies in Management of Spinal Fractures 

IAPA 11th annual scientic conference,  Coimbatore August 2014  

Ms Gomathi 

= Analysis of CTEV treated by ponseti's technique, won  the Silver Medal for Best Oral Paper Presentation 

IFICS (International Fracture in Children  Symposium), Pune, India, August, 2014 

Dr Venkatadass K. 

= Complications of Fracture Neck Femur in Children, 

= Management of Pink Pulse less Hand with  Supracondylar Fractures 

Traumacon, Mumbai , August 2014 

Dr. Dheenadhyalan  

= Open fracture lower end of tibia 

= Distal radius fixation—circumstances where the  plan change 

= Tourniquet 

= Surgical anatomy of nerves in upper limb 

CTLS Workshop 2014, Ganga Hospital,  Coimbatore, August 2014 

Dr. Balavenkat 

= Course Faculty and coordinator 

ICS Udaipur, August, 2014 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Infection or spinal tumours- Radiological dilemma 

AO Trauma Surgical Webcast, Basel  Switzerland, September 2014 

Dr. Dheenadhyalan  

= Intramedullary nailing of open fracture Tibia 

Scoliosis Research Society, 49th Annual Meeting,  USA, September 2014 

8th Biennial Conference of Orthopaedic  Association of SAARC Countries, Agra,  October 2014 

Coimbatore Orthopaedic Society Meeting,  Coimbatore, November, 2014. 

ISKSAA 2014, Delhi 

Dr S R Sundararajan  

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= Posterior-Only Approach to High Grade  Spondylolisthesis 

= Growth Modulation Changes in Childhood Post Tubercular Kyphosis: Long-Term Prospective  Multicenter Study Over 10 Years 

CME on “MANAGEMENT OF COMPLEX FRACTURES – AN UPDATE”, SPOT hospital  Chennai September 2014 

Dr. Dheenadhyalan 

= Side swipe injury 

= Open injuries of distal tibia 

= Live surgical demonstration of LCP for distal tibia  fracture 

AORA National Conference, LeMeridian, New Delhi, September 2014 

Dr. Balavenkat 

= Clinical Pathways for pain relief in shoulder  arthroplasty 

= Clinical Pathways for Pain relief in patients for Total  Knee Arthroplasty 

= Teaching and Education in regional Anaesthesia = Video Demonstration of Interscalene Block 

AO introduction program Coimbatore,  September, 2014 

Dr Dheenadhayalan 

= AO foundation then and now 

= Management of open fractures 

= Infective non unions 

Singapore Orthopaedic Association, 27th Annual  Scientic Meeting, Singapore,  

October, 2014 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

= Advances in Spine Surgery – For Whose Benet = Lessons from an Osteoporotic Fracture 

= Evidence based vs Patient based Medicine 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= Plenary lecture: David & Goliath – The SAARC Versus Advanced Countries 

= Current Concepts in Spinal Tumors 


ORTHOPAEDICS at Kovai Medical Centre &  Hospital, Coimbatore, October 2014 

Dr. Dhanasekara Raja  

= “ Role of CAOS in TKR” Afrmative  

AOSpine Principles Seminar, Colombo, Srilanka  October, 2014 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Imaging of cervical spine trauma 

= Bifacetal dislocation with normal neurology = Surgical principles and selection of procedures in  thoracolumbar spine injuries. (Ant/Post/short/long = Video Cervical Corpectomy 

= Injection techniques in DDD 

= Introduction to spino-pelvic parameters 

= Faculty – TB spine symposium  

Mumbai Anaesthesia Society Annual Conference,  Mumbai, October 2014 

Dr. Balavenkat 

= Common mistakes inside the operating room, Private  Practitioners forum, 

= “Anaesthesia for major spine surgery” 

= Multimodal Analgesia in Total Knee Arthroplasty = Invited Lecture on DVT: An enigma, 

World Congress of Regional Anaesthesia and  Pain therapy, Cape Town, South Africa,  November, 2014 

Dr Balavenkat  

= Guest Lecture on Failed Spinal Anaesthesia

= Role of Regional Anaesthesia in Trauma 

= Workshop: Upper Extremity Block with USG 

Dr. Dhanasekara Raja 

= “ Biomechanics and evolution of total hip  replacement” 

MOACON, Akola November 2014  

Dr. Dheenadhyalan  

= Side swipe injury 

= Distal radius fracture – current trend 

= Valgus osteotomy for femoral neck fracture nonunion = Forearm nonunion 

Ganga Paediatric Hip course Coimbatore ,  December, 2014 

Dr .Dheenadhyalan  

= Biomechanics of Hip 

Dr. Dhanasekara Raja  

= Surface replacement in hip- What is good, what is  bad and what is the current status 

Dr. Venkatdass 

= SCFE – the Ganga Experience 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

= THR in young patients  

Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists, Madurai,  December, 2014 

Dr. Balavenkat 

= Dr Venkat Rao Oration: “ Leadership in Anaesthesia:  Challenges and Solutions. 

= Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia 

Chennai course on thoracic instrumentation &  cadaver workshop - chennai, December, 2014 

Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty T 

= Thoracic pedicle screws  

= Cadaver workshop on thoracic pedicle  instrumentation 

= BPTB ACLR : Does it still have a role ? 

= Arthroscopic Bankart repair-video techniques 

Arthroscopic Grading of Articular cartilage  IAS 2014 Hyderabad 

Dr S R Sundararajan  

= Single bundle vs Double bundle reconstruction ACL 

= Posterolateral reconstruction,  

IOACON 2014 Hyderabad 

= Subacromial decompression 

= Anatomical ACL Reconstruction  

= Live surgery Demonstration PCL Reconstruction

= Management of charcots in ankle and Hindfoot -  presented in Dolakia Gold medal session. 

International Foot and Ankle Course 2014  Chennai 

Dr S R Sundararajan  

= Management of open Foot and Ankle fractures 

= Paediatric Ankle Fractures  

Indian Foot and Ankle Society Meeting,  Pune 2014 

Dr S R Sundararajan  

= TibialPilon Fracture  

= Infection of Foot and Ankle  

Shouldercon, Cochin, Feb 2014 

Dr S R Sundararajan  

= Proximal Humerus fractures  

2nd Isakos Knee Course, Chennai 2014 

Dr S R Sundararajan  

= Acute and chronie tears of Quadriceps and patellar  tendon tears 

Pune Knee Course 2014 

Dr S R Sundararajan  

= Acute posterolateral corner repair