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Presentation 2011 - 2012

Presentations International

Combined 33rd SICOT & 17th PAOA Orthopaedic World  Conference, Dubai,28-30 Nov 2012 

Thoracolumbar Burst Fractures treated with  Posterior Short segment fixation - Is Surgical  Arthrodesis required? – A Prospective Study 

Advanced AO Course, Kuala Lumpur Sep, 2012 Dr Ajoy P Shetty 

C1&2 lateral mass, pedicle, translaminar screw, Fractures in ankylosing spondylitis 

Unifacetal & bifacetal dislocation 

Coservative treatment of thoracolumbar  

“Medical men must discuss with other medical men - for discussion promotes understanding,  removes doubts and increases knowledge” 

 - Charaka, 6th century B.C 

What is the optimal treatment of the odontoid  fracture? 

A Validated New Spine Surgery Specific  Morbidity Score to Predict Postoperative  Morbidity and Mortality in Elective Spine  Surgery 

Evidence Based Update on the Management of  Bilateral / Unilateral Facet Dislocation 

Cervical Pedicle Screw Fixation in Children in the  Management of Complex Cervical Deformities Case Presentation of a Burst Fracture – I will  Conserve  

The Problem of Deformity in Childhood Spinal  Tuberculosis 

Moving Beyond Gustilo's Classification – Ganga  Hospital Score in Decision Making in Open  Injuries 

Introperative ISO-C- arm based navigation in  challenging cervical spine fixations 

7th International Congress of Chinese Orthopaedic Association  (COA 2012), Beijing, China, Nov. 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Navigation in Spine Surgery - Fact or Fiction  

27th Annual Meeting of NASS (North American Spine Society)  October 2012, Dallas, USA  

Dr S Rajasekaran  

Advancing spine care worldwide 

Evolution and Management of Post Spinal  Tuberculosis Kyphosis 

4th Chinese International Conference on Lumbar Spine Surgery,  Beijing, China, June 15-16, 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

About ISSLS (International Society for the Study  of Lumbar Spine) 

Current status of genetic studies on DDD 


Nonfusion vs fusion in thoracolumbar fractures MIS in thoracolumbar fractures 

AOSpine Interactive Courses: Cervical Spine, Buenos Aires,  Argentina, 26-28 July, 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

Neurosurgical issues in congential scoliosis  management  

Congenital scoliosis (hemivertebra) 

Deformity, Lecture, Osteotomies: Types and  indications 

Deformity, Lecture, Post-infectious deformity:  Treatment strategy 

Deformity, Case presentation, Case  presentation: Lenke 1 type curve 

Role of Navigation in Challenging Cervical Spine  Trauma 

DTI in Acute and Chronic Injuries of the Spinal  Cord 

World Forum for Spine Research 2012, Helsinki, Finland, June 18- 21, 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Assessment of Disc Nutrition and it's Clinical  implications 

Prevalence and Patterns of Degenerative Disc  Disease (DDD) in the Whole Spine - Hierarchical  Cluster Analysis of Pan-spine MRI Images of 785  subjects 

Spine Week 2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 28- 1st June,  2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

ISSLS Presidential Address: 

Publish to Flourish – Is it Corrupting Science?  Scoliosis Research Society Session: 

Wiring Techniques in Spine 

8th Advanced Deformity Meeting, Secondary Deformity, Zurich,  Switzerland, April 26-27, 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Risk factors and evolution of severe kyphotic  deformity in spinal tuberculosis 

Options and Decision Making in Surgical  Correction of Kyphotic Deformities 

The 3rd Annual Meeting of Cervical Spine Research Society, Asia  Pacific Section, Japan, 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

Diffusion Tensor Imaging for Cervical Spine in  Acute and Chronic Disorder  

Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) indices of cervical  spine of normal individuals and factors affecting  them 

2012 AAOS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

A New Spine Surgery Specific Score To Predict  Morbidity And Mortality In Elective Spine  Surgery 

SICOT XXV Triennial World Congress, Prague, Sep 3-9, 2011 Dr S Rajasekaran  

TB Spine – Current evidence for treatment  strategies 

Intraoperative ISO-C-C arm based navigation in  challenging Cervical spine fixations 

Therapeutically refractive cases of TB Spine  Principles of treatment 

Prognostic value of Signal Intensity Change in  Cervical Spondylitic Myelopathy  

Novel Techniques in Spinal Imaging - Assessment  of Fiber Tract Integrity in Spinal Cord by  Diffusion Tensor Imaging 

R&R 2011- Spine & Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation VII Evidence  Base Meeting, 26th March 2011, Milan Italy  

Dr S Rajasekaran  

Management of spinal deformities in India Assessment of low back pain patients with  serial diffusion MRI  

34th Annual Scientific Meeting of Singapore Orthopaedic  Association, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore, 2011 Dr S Rajasekaran  

Classification of Open Fractures – Gustilo Vs  Ganga 

Lessons learnt from Management of Kyphosis in  Spinal Tuberculosis 

Combined Congress of the British and Irish Orthopaedic  Association, Ireland, Sep. 2011 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

Hunterian Lecture – Biomechanical Analysis of  the Evolution of Buckling Collapse of Pediatric  Spine and its Clinical Implications  

Trauma Symposium, Medical University Of Innsbruck, Austria in  2011. 

Dr Devendra 

Ganga Hospital Open Injury Severity Score 

Kenyan Orthopaedic Assocation Scientific Conference, 7-10 June  2011, Kenya 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

Decision making in scoliosis surgery 

Complications of scoliosis surgery 

Key note address – Ganga Hospital Compound  Fracture score 

Plenary lecture – What is “in and out” in lumbar  disc surgery? 

Management of severe kyphosis in spinal TB 

The 11th Pacific and Asian Society of Minimally Invasive Spine  Surgery, Aug 18-20, 2011, Lotte Hotel, Busan, Korea

Dr S Rajasekaran  

The role of navigation surgery on the minimally  invasive spinal surgery 

Arthroscopy cadaver workshop held in Bangkok, April 2011

Dr S R Sundararajan 

PCL reconstruction technique 

Complications of ACL reconstruction -  How to avoid? 

Annual Meeting of ISSLS (International Society for the Study of  Lumbar Spine),14-18 June 2011, Gothenburg, Sweden 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

Single nucleotide polymorphism in the Nerve  Growth Factor Beta (NGFB) gene predisposes to  lumbar disc degeneration 

A validated new spine surgery specific morbidity  score to predict postoperative morbidity and  mortality in elective spinesurgery 

BRIT Spine Annual Conference, Liverpool, UK April 2011

r Rishi Mugesh Kanna 

British Association of Spine Surgeons meeting,  Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Feb 2011 Anatomical feasibility of pediatric pedicle screw  fixation 

World Congress of Anaesthesia, Buneos Aires, Argentina March  2012 

Dr Balavenkat 

Management Strategies of pain relief in  Geriatric Patients with Hip Fractures  

Blood Conservation Strategies in Rivision Hip  Arthroplasty  

Chairman for the session on Orthopaedic  Anaesthesia  

International Conference of Pain and Regional Anaesthesia Ipcra,  Cochin, November 2012 

Dr Balavenkat 

TAP BLOCK: Is it useful? 

South Asian Confedration Anaesthesiologist, Bangalore August  2011 

Dr Balavenkat 

Upper Extremity Block: How To Get It Right 

Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association 2012, 4-6 October 2012,  Delhi 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

Modern trends in Open Fractures Management

Pledge to Give : Indian Experience 

TB Spine –Deformity Consideration 

Spine at Risk Signs and Growth Modulation in  Spinal Tuberculosis 

Pubish and Flourish 

The Challenges in Spinal Navigation 

Dr Dhanasekaraja 

Two staged revision in infection with  articulating cement spacer: Midterm results

Medial piecrusting technique for varus knees 

International Spine and Spinal Injuries conference, New Delhi  2012. 

G Balamurali  

Anterior thoracic foraminotomy through mini thoracotomy for the treatment of giant thoracic  disc herniations.  

The presence of undiagnosed cervical myelopathy  in patients referred for surgical evaluation of  lumbar stenosis.  

Minimally invasive posterior cervical discectomy  for cervical radiculopathy: indications and clinical  results.  

level cervical disc revision surgery – techniques  and outcomes 

Minimally invasive microsurgical resection of  intradural spinal tumours using a tubular  retraction system.  

International Conference on “Biomaterials and Implants:  Prospects and Possibilities in the New Millennium at Central  Glass & Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkatta, July 21 & 22, 2011 Dr S Rajasekaran 

Biomaterials in Spine Surgery 

National Presentations 

IOACON 2012, Chennai Dec 12-16, 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Presidential Address: 

Standing Tall - on our own Feet 

Debate - Surgeon's Experience is Best For  Patient 

Are the Orthopaedic Needs of the Patients in  Advanced and Developing Nations Same –  For the Motion 

Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Management of Nonunion and Malunion in  proximal humerus fractures 

Live demonstration of PFNA2 nailing in  subtrochanteric fracture 

Open shoulder instability repair 

Dr Ajoy .P. Shetty  

A surgeons outlook to classification . how do I  plan my approach in thoracolumbar fractures 

Dr. S.R. Sundararajan 

Isolated PCL injuries. Is it Benign? 

Dr Rishi Mugesh Kanna 

Moderator for basic and advanced spine  sessions 

Evidence for fusion after cervical discectomy DTI in cervical spinal injuries and its prognostic  value 

Dr K Venkatadass 

How I do it? – 6 yr old child with Type III SC  fracture humerus with soft tissue swelling and  no deficit, Pediatric Session. 

Cost-effective Radiography Combined With Image  Processing Can Differentiate Fractured and Non fractured in Non-osteoporotic Individuals. 

Dr. Ramesh Perumal 

The forces that force the talus out- cadaveric  study to unlock the door 

Dr Devendra 

One Bone forearm Reconstruction in challenging  situations, a Simple solution 

Dr. Vijay R Tubaki 

Long term outcomes of benign vertebral tumour  patients treated with surgical resection 

Dr C S Vishnu Prasath 

Neurological recovery patterns in CSM patients  and correlation with changes in DTI indices 

ICS 2012, Srinagar, Aug 24-28, 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Video session: Anterior odontoid screw fixation Planning surgery in primary cervical vertebral  tumors  

Spine Symposium at Depuy institute, Chennai, December, 14th  2012 

Dr Ajoy .P. Shetty  

Faculty at Pediatric Spine Symposium 

Dr Rishi Mugesh Kanna 

Fusion in stenosis - What is the evidence? Vascular and Access Related Complications of  Anterior Lower Lumbar Spine Surgeries - An  Analysis of 399 Anterior Lumbar Interbody  Fusions and Disc Replacements in 298 Patients 

MOACON (Maharashtra Orthopedic Association Conference)  2012, Pune, Nov 2, 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Surgical failures (cause and prevention)  Pediatric disease (problems)  

NSSI 2012 Conference at Chennai - 2012 

Dr. Vijay R Tubaki 

Our results of direct fixation of Type 2 Hangman  fracture using Iso C navigation 

Dr C S Vishnu Prasath 

Navigation assisted C1 osteosynthesis for  jeffersons fracture – a novel surgical technique. DTI in evaluation of cervical spine pathologies 

CME - Salem Medical college and Hospitals, 2012 Dr S R Sundararajan 

Paediatric sports knee injuries  

Midterm CME of TNOA 2012, Erode Ortho Club Dr S Rajasekaran 

Locking Plate – Where it Falls 

Dr. S.R. Sundararajan 

Functional Outcome of one stage reconstruction  of Posterior Cruciate Ligament Combined Injuries  of the Knee in chronic instabilities 

Dr Srikanth KP 

Morphometric analysis of ACL Attachments in  Indian Population – An MRI based study in 60  cases. 

OASISCON Bangalore, 24 – 26 August – 2012 

Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Open reduction techniques in type 3/4 proximal  humeral fracture 

3 part proximal humerus fracture – With failed  fixation, how I will manage ? 

Interesting case discussion, My worst case 

Dr Ajoy .P. Shetty  

Surgical site infection 

POACON 2012 second annual conference of Pondicherry  Orthopaedic Association Nov. 2012 

Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Fracture neck of femur in young Adult – DHS vs  Cancellous Screw 

How to avoid disaster in plating of proximal  humerus fractures 

Distal humerus fractures 

Spine 2012, September 14th 2012, Chennai 

Dr Ajoy .P. Shetty  

TB of the cervical spine 

VOSCON 2012, Annual Vidarbha orthopaedic society conference  Nagpur, Oct. 2012 

Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Assessment and Resuscitation in pelvic fracture External fixation of pelvic fracture 

Managing Bone loss in distal femur fracture Optimising results in four part shoulder injuries 

National Presentations 

Management of Severely Injured Limbs, Ganga Hospital,  Coimbatore, July 19-22, 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Gustilo Classification – Current Status –  Amputation or Salvage? 

Primary Closure, Ganga Experience – Early Flaps The IMOT Study – “International Multicentre  Open Injury Trial” 

Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

What to do and what not to do in casualty Side swipe injuries 

Management of bone defects – ganga experience 

Dr S R Sundararajan 

Management of bone defects in open fractures Tips and tricks in External fixator and its definite  role in open fractures.  

Dr. Devendra 

Post traumatic One Bone Forearm  Reconstruction in severely mangled extremities 

Dr Ramesh Perumal 

Economics of salvage versus amputation in  periamputation threshold open injuries. 

Prof. TKS CME 2012 , Erode, 12th August 2012 

Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan  

Acute bone gap management 

CAPE Nov 4th 2012, Cochin 

Dr Ajoy .P. Shetty  

Disc Dilemma 

Lumbar Fusion Techniques 

Traumacon 2012, Mumbai, Aug 15 – 19 2012 

Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan  

Status of distal femur nail 

How to proceed when stuck with  subtrochanteric fracture 

AC joint injuries 

Grade III compound fracture tibia with vascular  injury 

9 & 10, 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Clinical evaluation of lumbar spine  

DMH-IORAS Update Series 2012 on ‘What is New in  Orthopaedics', Madurai, 19 & 20 May 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Current Trend in Surgical Management of T B  Spine 

Minimally Invasive Surgery of Spine Pros and  Cons 

6TH National Congress of Indian Society of Hip & Knee Surgeons,  Hyderabad, April 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

Establishing a Bone Bank 

Current Concepts in Trauma 2012, Hotel Maurya, Patna, Bihar,  23-25 March 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

Management of Polytrauma – Beyond the Golden  Hour 

Controversies in management in spinal injury 

Annual Conference of Orthopaedic Surgeons of Andhra Pradesh  (OSSAPCON 2012), GSL Medical College & General Hospital,  Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, 9-11 March 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Management of Compound Fracture of Tibia 

Annual Conference of Association of Spine Surgeons of India  (ASSICON), New Delhi 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Lumbar Spine Research and the role of ISSLS

Modern Methods of Imaging of Discs 

Research – Its Conduct, Misconduct and the role  of Scientific Bodies 

President's Lecture : Let's Pledge to Give

Role of Navigation in Challenging Cervical Spine  Surgery 

Imaging in spinal canal stenosis  

Growth rod techniques in scoliosis 

Dr. Vijay R Tubaki 

Results of Direct Repair of Type 2 Hangman  Fracture Using Iso-C3D Navigation: 20 Cases 

Trauma masters meet, Mumbai, Jan 22nd 2012 

Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Interesting case presentation on femoral neck   fracture 

45th Annual Conference of Tamilnadu Orthopaedic  Association(TNOACON 2012), Scudder Auditorium, Christian  Medical College, Vellore, February 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Degenerative Lumbar Spinal Stenosis – Surgical  options 

Results of Direct Repair of Type 2 Hangman's  Fracture Using Iso-C3D Navigation-20 cases 

Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Radiological Correlation to the Functional  Outcome In 3 and 4 Part Proximal Humerus

Fracture. Managed With Indirect Reduction &  Fixation With Plate And Screws. 

Management Of The Complex Distal Femur  Fracture 

Mangalore orthopaedic course, June 2012 

Dr Ajoy .P. Shetty  

Spondylolisthesis - general principles &  management 

Bone bank 

45th Annual Conference of Tamilnadu Orthopaedic  Association(TNOACON 2012), Scudder Auditorium, Christian  Medical College, Vellore, February 2012 

Dr Ajoy .P. Shetty  

Global reconstruction of TB spine by all posterior  approach 

Dr C S Vishnu Prasath 

Patterns of disc degeneration in patients with  back pain 

45th Annual Conference of Tamilnadu Orthopaedic  Association(TNOACON 2012), Scudder Auditorium, Christian  Medical College, Vellore, February 2012 

Dr. Ramesh Perumal 

The forces that force the talus out- cadaveric  help to unlock the door 

Symposium on Spinal TB KMC Mangalore, 2012 

Dr Ajoy .P. Shetty  

Chemotherapy of tuberculosis spine 

Global recostruction in TB spine 

Surgical pathology of TB spine 

KMCH Update – January, 2012 

Dr Ajoy .P. Shetty  

Radiology of lumbar spine 

How to read Lumbar Spine MRI 

Positioning of a spine patient 

2nd AO Trauma India conference ,Chennai, april , 6th – 8th 2012 Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Outcome In 3 and 4 Part Proximal Humerus  Fracture Managed With Indirect Reduction &  Fixation With Plate And Screws  

AO Principles Course, Hyderabad, July 2012 

Dr Ajoy .P. Shetty  

Upper cervical spine injuries 

TB of the spine 

Evaluation of pain generators 

Annual Conference of Gujarat Orthopaedic Association(GOACON  2012), Mirasol Lake Resort, Daman, 3-5 February 2012 Dr S Rajasekaran 

Decision Making in Open Injuries of Tibia 

AO Trauma principles course, Kolkata, May 16 -18, 2012 Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Relative stability – Extramedullary techniques Management of open fractures 

Subtrochanteric fractures 

KOACON 2012 Februvary at Belgaum, Karnataka. 

Dr. Vijay R Tubaki 

Surgical Approach in the Management of  Resistant Pyogenic Spondylodiscitis: Analysis of  Radiological and Functional Outcome

31st Annual Conference of Kerala Orthopaedic  

Association(KOACON 2012), Shakthi Auditorium, Arattuvazhi  (Meluvallil Auditorium Complex), Alappuzha, 27-29 January 2012 Dr S Rajasekaran 


Controversies in Spinal Injuries 

36th Annual Conference of Odisha Orthopaedic  Association(OOACON 2012) Great Valley Club, MCL Talcher, 14th  to 15th January 2012 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Oration: (PT Rao Oration) – Can India lead the  World in Orthopaedic Academics 

Ganga Hospital Score in the  Management of Open Injuries 

Childhood Spinal Tuberculosis 

Indian Orthopaedic Innovations & Bone and Joint Conclave 2011,  Delhi, 6th Dec 2011 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

The Road Ahead and Future Plans 

IOACON 2011, Noida- 6th to 11 December 2011 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Symposium on TB Spine – Principles of  Deformity Correction in TB Spine 

Hunterian Lecture – Growth modulation in  Childhood Spinal Deformities 

Subspeciality meeting of ASSI – Management of  Extension Injuries in the subaxial cervical spine 

Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

KT Dholokia IOA CME 2011 – Management of  complications in proximal tibia fractures 

The evidence on fixation vs. Replacement for  intertrochantric fracture 

Dr Ajoy .P. Shetty 

Disc prolapse results from endplate failure  rather than rupture of annulus fibrosus -  comprehensive clinical, radiological,  histopathological and intraoperative microscopic  analysis of 147 lumbar disc herniations 

Clinical algorithm for acute lumbar disc prolapse

Post traumartic cervical instability 

Dr Sudhir G 

Ultrastructural changes in intervertebral discs  due to altered mechanical loading – an electron  microscopic analysis using scoliotic discs as  biologic model,  

Baroda Ortho Meet, December 2011 

Dr Ajoy P. Shetty 

Cervical extension injuries 

Decompression in tharacolumbar fractures,  when & how 

Post Operative Spine Infections 

Percutaneous augmentation of osteoporotic  fractures 

Far Lateral Disc 

Management of TB Spine 

ICS, Chennai, August 2011 

Dr Ajoy .P. Shetty  

Role of Interbody fusion in degenerative lysthesis 

CME Kerala Orthopaedic Association, Trichur-2011 Dr Ajoy .P. Shetty  

Dilemmas In Disc Surgery 

Farlateral Disc 

Fusion In Lumbar Disc Disease 

All India IMA Meet, Erode, 11th, November, 2011 Dr Ajoy .P. Shetty  

Recent trends in the management of spinal  trauma 

OASISCON 2011, Hotel Taj Krishna, Hyderabad, 26 August 2011 Dr S Rajasekaran  

Navigation in Orthopaedic surgery: the present  and its future 

Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

How I manage Neer's 3 / 4 part fracture in a 45  year old man 

Interesting case discussion  

AO Synthes Symposium in fractures around knee and ankle 2011,  Delhi, Sept 24-25, 2011 

Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Fibular fracture fixation in pilon fractures Supracondylar femur fractures – Nailing vs.  Plating 

Weber c fractures 

CME on current concepts in elbow disorders SPOT Hospitals  2011, Chennai, September 18th 2011  

Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Side Swipe injuries  

Live surgical demonstration of fixation of  intercondylar fracture of humerus 

CME on recent advances in orthopaedics 2011, Dharmapuri.  September 29th 2011 

Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan  

Modern trauma management 

Instructional Course in Spine Mahalipuram, Chennai, 12-14  August 2011 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Controversies in the management of spinal  trauma  

Aquired and degenerative scoliosis in adults Surgical management  

Sri Sathya Sai International Orthopaedic Conference in Pelvis and  Lower Extremity Trauma, Puttaparthi, July 23 & 24, 2011 Dr S Rajasekaran 

Beyond Gustilo Classification - Ganga Hospital  Score in deciding salvage and reconstruction

Guest lecture: Beyond the Golden hour-silver day  in the management of polytrauma 

Large Bone Defects of Tibia- Comparison of  L.R.S. vs Free Fibular Graft 

Update in Musculoskeletal Radiology, July 16 & 17, 2011, Ganga  Hospital, Coimbatore 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Degenerative Lumbar canal Stenosis 

DTI (Diffusion Tensor Imaging) & it's applications 

Indian Academy of Regional Anesthesia, April 16 & 17, 2011, ITC  Grand Central, Parel, Mumbai 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Can India lead in Academics 

Ortho Clinics, Live WEBCAST on Spine Fractures, Mumbai, Feb  19, 2011 

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Controversies in the Management of Spinal  Fractures'

Tamilnadu Orthopaedic Association Conference (TNOACON) 2011,  Madurai, Feb 11-13, 2011  

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Principles of Surgical Management in spine Surgery for Spinal Tuberculosis – Anterior or  Posterior approach  

Spinal Deformity Correction 

Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Minimal invasive surgery - distal tibia  An innovation for perfect docking in bone  transport for grade III B tibial fractures with  bone loss 

Dr Ajoy .P. Shetty  

Management of healed tuberculosis with  deformity 

Minimally Invasive Pelvic Fracture Fixation, Role  of CT Based Pelvic Morphometry and Use of Ball  Probe 

Dr. S.R. Sundararajan 

Neglected Patella Tendon Ruptures  

Reconstruction with Hamstrings Graft 

Dr Ramesh Perumal  

Does the timing of intervention influence the  Avascular necrosis in Talar neck fractures ??? 

Dr Srikanth KP 

Post-traumatic bone loss – Role of LRS and Free  fibula graft 

Arthroscopy Sports Medicine meeting held in Jaipur 2012  Dr S R Sundararajan 

Single bundle vs Double bundle vs Tibial inlay PCL  Reconstruction.what is your preference and  why? 

Indian foot and ankle society meeting in Chennai-2011 Dr S R Sundararajan 

Tips and Tricks in the management of Talar neck  Fractures 

AO Advanced Course, Chennai, March, 2011 

Dr Dheenadhayalan 

Fixation dilemma in open fractures  

Deal with difficult proximal humerus fractures 

Compartment Syndrome 

Trauma society of India AT Kodaikanal April 2011  Dr Dheenadhayalan 

Scoring in polytrauma patient  

OASIS ICL 2011 Madurai, June – 26th, 2011  

Dr Dheenadhayalan 

Septic arthritis in adults

Lakeshore Trauma update, Cochin, June - 2011 

Dr Dheenadhayalan 

Approach for fixation of proximal humerus 

MIPPO technique and indirect reduction tips and  tricks  

Common associated injuries and its management 

INDO-US Ankle&Foot Course Ganga Hospital 2011 Dr Dheenadhayalan 

Open talar dislocation 

Dr S R Sundararajan 

Talar fractures 

Pantalar arthrodesis 

Musculoskeletal Radiology conference held in Ganga Hospital,  Coimbatore in July 2011 

Dr Dheenadhayalan 

How imaging influences the treatment plans in  shoulder surgery 

Dr Rajkumar Natesan 

Imaging in painful joint replacement Surgery 

Sathyasai international orthopaedic conference on “Pelvis and  Lower extremity trauma”  

Puttaparthi, July 22 – 24, 2011  

Dr Dheenadhayalan 

Beyond the Golden hour – The Silver Day

Beyond the Gustillo scoring – Ganga hospital  score in deciding salvage and reconstruction 

Prof. TKS CME 2011 , Tirupur, July 31st 2011 

Dr Dheenadhayalan 

Proximal humerus fractures – How I Do It 

CME on Paediatric Hip on 6th March, 2011 at KMC Mangalore Dr K Venkatadass 

Surgical Approaches to Paediatric Hip.

Interesting Cases in Paediatric Hip. 

GOACON (Gujarat Orthopaedic Association Conference) 2011),  Mount Abu, Feb 4-6, 2011  

Dr S Rajasekaran 

Ganga Hospital Trauma Score 

Pediatric Koch's Spine – at risk signs

Assessment of spinal cord tract integrity by a  novel method of Diffusion Tensor Imaging 

Traumacon 2011, Mumbai , Aug 12-15, 2011  

Dr Dheenadhayalan 

Wave Plate – Patella fracture fixation 

Austin Moore prosthesis removal 

Classification of tibial plateu fracture 

Complication of proximal tibial nailing

Orthofix in primary bone loss deformity  correction 

Silver Jubilee Annual Meeting of the Association of Spine  Surgeons of India (ASSICON 2011), Mumbai, Jan 27-30, 2011 

Dr S Rajasekaran  

Presidential Oration : Can India lead the world in  Academics & Health Care Delivery  

Management of giant cell tumor of the spine 

Planning deformity correction in post-tubercular  kyphosis  

Diffusion tensor imaging – future of spinal  imaging 

All pedicle screw construct Vs Hybrid construct  for posterior surgery for AIS  

Workshop: Nerve integrity monitoring 

Dr S Rajasekaran participated in this workshop  on complete & safe spine solutions 

Dr Ajoy .P. Shetty  

Patient factors in failed disc surgery.

Lumbar canal stenosis- role of intermnal  decompression. 

CME-Shoulder update 2011, Madurai, Nov 2011 

Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Management of Neer's Grade 3 and 4 proximal  humerus fractures 

Neuro spine surgeons of India (NSSI), Chennai. 

Dr G Balamurali  

Qualtification of neuronal injury in cervical  myelopahty using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). 

Neuro Spine Surgeons of Association (NSSA) conference Chennai  13-16 September 2012 

G Balamurali 

Anterior thoracic foraminotomy through mini thoracotomy for the treatment of giant thoracic  disc herniations. 

The presence of undiagnosed cervical myelopathy  in patients referred for surgical evaluation of  lumbar stenosis.  

Minimally invasive posterior cervical discectomy  for cervical radiculopathy: indications and clinical  results. 

Adjacent level cervical disc revision surgery –  techniques and outcomes. 

Minimally invasive microsurgical resection of  intradural spinal tumours using a tubular  retraction system.  

Posterior C1 Osteosynthesis for Jefferson  fracture - a technical note. 

Post graduate teaching programme at Coimbatore Orthopaedic  Society Meeting, 2011 

Dr Dhanasekaraja 

“Principles & Steps of Total knee replacement” 

“Infected Total Hip: A treatment Algorithm” 

Orthopaedic Society meeting, Salem, Nov 2011. 

Dr Dhanasekaraja 

“Role of Trenaxamic acid in joint replacement”

“Soft tissue balancing in total knee replacement”  

Ganga Operative Arthroplasty Course, 19-22nd, May 2011, Ganga  Hospital, Coimbatore.  

Dr Dhanasekaraja 

Conducted a panel discussion on “ Revision hip  replacement” 

POSICON 2011, Chandigarh, India 

Dr K Venkatadass 

Ultrastructural changes in intervertebral discs  due to altered mechanical loading – an electron  microscopic analysis using scoliotic discs as  biologic model, BEST PAPER AWARD. 

Day to day Paediaric Orthoapedic CME & IOA Abbott workshop,  1st & 2nd Oct 2011, Madurai 

Dr K Venkatadass 

How to assess and do Pirani scoring?. 

Management of supracondylar fractures with  absent pulse and/or nerve injury. 

Physeal injuries - management of acute  fractures. 

How do I manage? 12 year old with grade 2  SCFE 

Workshop on TEN Nailing. 

Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists (ISA) National Conference,  Mumbai, December 2011 

Dr J Balavenkat 

Improving Safety and Precision in Regional  Anaesthesia 

Sevoflurane and Day Care Anaesthesia

Golden Hour Management of Polytrauma

Current Issues in Resuscitation 

Anaesthesia for Major Spine Surgeries

Polytrauma Management: Critical Issues 

National Conference of Academy of Regional Anaesthesia of India,  April 2012 

Dr J Balavenkat 

Essentials of Regional Anaesthesia 

Mumbai anesthesia society conference, MASCON, Mumbai,  October 2012 

Dr J Balavenkat 

Pain Barrier: A new Intiative 

Recent advances in Nerve Localisation LAST: Current treatment 

GISACON, Gujarat State Conference, Oct. 2011 

Dr J Balavenkat 

Recent Advances in Regional Anaesthesia

Sevoflurane: Is it the Ideal Anaesthetic Agent

Live Workshop in Regional Anaesthesia