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Presentations 2008 - 2010


Combined Congress the 13th Pan Arab Orthopaedic  Associations & 12th GCC Orthopaedic Associations, Muscat,  Sultanate of Oman, 2008 

● Open injury in the management of severely  injured limbs. - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Computer navigational spine surgery in difficult  `situations. - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Role of computer navigated surgery in TKR in  severely deformed knees. -Dr S Rajasekaran 

Annual Meeting of Japanese Orthopaedic Association,  Japan, 2008. 

● Prediction of management outcome in type IIIA  & B open injuries: Prospective study in 293  injuries - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● A score for predicting salvage and outcome in  Gustilo Type-IIIA and Type-IIIB open tibial  fractures. - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Total Knee replacement in severe varus knees  with and without navigation. - Dr S Rajasekaran

● Natural evaluation and clinical management of  severe kyphosis in spinal tuberculosis and other  disorders- Dr S Rajasekaran  

● Cervical spine reconstructive surgery using  computer navigated systems.  

- Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Diffusion in human lumbar discs can be  enhanced pharmacologically with oral  

nimodipine. - Dr S Rajasekaran 

Annual Meeting of AAOS (American Academy of  Orthopaedic Surgeons) San Francisco, USA, 2008

● Long term results of immediate primary bone  grafting in type-IIIA and type 

IIIB open injuries. - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Randomized clinical study to study accuracy of  Navigated Pedicle Screws in  

Deformity Surgeries- Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Closing-Opening Wedge Osteotomy to correct  Severe Post - Tubercular Kyphosis. 

- Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Diffusion in Human Lumbar Discs can be  enhanced pharmacologically with oral  

nimodipine.- Dr S Rajasekaran 

SICOT XXIV Triennial World Congress, Hong Kong, 2008

● Role of Navigation in Spine Surgery. 

- Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Post traumatic adult deformity surgical  techniques - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Spinal infections Evolution and treatment of  severe kyphotic deformities in spinal  

tuberculosis - Dr S Rajasekaran 

The 15th International Meeting on Advanced Spine  Techniques (IMAST), Hong Kong, 2008  

● Randomised Clinical study to study the accuracy  of navigated pedicle screws in deformity  surgeries - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Buckling Collapse of the Spine in Childhood Spinal  Tuberculosis - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● A study of effect of mechanical forces on  endplates of lumbar vertebrae – Scoliotic Disc as  a Biological Model - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Intraoperative Iso-C Three dimensional navigation  allows percutaneous excision of spinal osteoid  osteomas - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Intraoperative Iso-C based navigation in  challenging spine trauma - Dr S Rajasekaran

● Growth modulation changes in kyphotic deformity  in children as a clinical model for mechanostat  theory & chondral growth force response curve  - Dr S Rajasekaran 

Spine week, Geneva, Switzerland, 2008 

● Navigation in special situations in cervical spine  - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● EuroSpine Open Paper Award – Pharmacological  enhancement of disc diffusion and differentiation  of healthy, ageing and degenerated discs  - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● End plate damage score and correlation to disc  degeneration - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Introduction of navigation into clinical practice:  How to avoid common pitfalls - Dr S Rajasekaran

Spine week, Geneva, Switzerland, 2008 

● ISSLS Debate – Low back pain – A cultural phenomenon - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Low back pain is more a cultural issue that  rarely requires surgery - Dr S Rajasekaran

● Altered diffusion patterns in intervertebral discs  can identify healthy, ageing and degenerated  discs – An invivo serial post contrast diffusion  study in 365 human lumbar discs  

- Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Diffusion in human lumbar discs can be  enhanced pharmacologically with oral nimodipine  - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Intraoperative Iso-C arm based navigation in  challenging cervical spine fixations  

- Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Management of Posttubercular Kyphosis - Dr S Rajasekaran 

AOSpine New Concepts in Spine Surgery and Navigation,  Munich,Germany,2008 

● Closing opening osteotomy for correction of  severe deformities - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Advanced navigated spine surgery  

- Dr S Rajasekaran 

World Forum for Spine Research – The Intervertebral Disc,  Kyoto, Japan, 2008 

● Applications of diffusion studies by serial post  contrast MRI in evaluating disc nutrition.  - Dr S Rajasekaran  

Combined Instructional Course of ISSLS (International  Society for the Study of Lumbar Spine) & ASSICON  (Association of Spine Surgeons of India Conference), 2008

● What type of evidence matters clinically?  - Dr S Rajasekaran 

AOSpine New Concepts in Spine Surgery and Navigation,  Munich,Germany,2008 

● Closing opening osteotomy for correction of  severe deformities - Dr S Rajasekaran 

● Advanced navigated spine surgery  

- Dr S Rajasekaran 

World Congress of Anaesthesia, Cape Town, South Africa,  2008 

● Experiences in setting up Ambulance Services  - Dr. Balavenkat 

● Serial lactate measurements in prognosticating  outcome in polytrauma patients-Dr. Balavenkat 

● Continuous Femoral block for geriatric patient  with hip fracture: Does it change the outcome?  - Dr. Balavenkat 

● De-escalating physical status by technique and  technology- A supportive case report  

-Dr. Balavenkat 

● Role of Segmental Epidural in Moya Moya  Disease for incidental surgery-a case report - Dr. Balavenkat 

SRS 44th Annual Meeting, San Antonio, USA, 2009

● Severe Kyphosis – 'Buckling Spine' Development  and Biomechanical Basis - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

55th Congress South African Orthopaedic Association,  Central Drakensberg-Champagne Valley, South Africa, 2009

● Primary vertebral tumors of bone-Management  strategies– Prof. Rajasekara 

● Progression and correction of severe kyphotic  deformities in spinal TB - Prof. S. Rajasekaran

● Post traumatic kyphotic deformities  - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Use of scores in assessing salvage and  amputation - Prof. S. Rajasekaran  

Spondylosis and Spondylitis. New Aspects in the Surgical  Treatment of Degenerative and Inflammatory Disorders of  the Spine, Livorno, Italy, 2009 

● Current concepts in the management of spinal  tuberculosis – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Evolution and correction of severe kyphotic  deformities – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

AOSpine Global Interactive Course, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,  2009. 

● Case Presentation – Post operative discitis  - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Case Presentation – 'Spinal tuberculosis”  -Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Post operative discitis and its management - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Pathophysiology of kyphosis in spinal tuberculosis  - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Implementing spinal navigation in daily clinical routine  Cervical disc replacement - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

International Course on Spine, Khajuraho, 2009 

● Do we really need to shift to Minimally Invasive  Spine Surgery? – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Is the Industry influencing evidence? Dr. S. Rajasekaran 

● ASSI from here to where? - Prof. S.Rajasekaran 

Edinburgh International Trauma Instructional Course, Edinburgh,  2010  

Thoracolumbar Fractures – Prof. S. Rajasekaran

Primary Skin Closure. What is its role?  - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● The Ganga Classification – Prof. S. Rajasekaran

● When should open wounds be closed primarily?  - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

70th Annual Scientific Meeting of Australian Orthopaedic  Association, Adelaide, Australia, 2010. 

● Invivo Evaluation of Lumbar Discs by post  contrast MRI studies – Prof. S.Rajasekaran

● Severe kyphotic deformities of the spine and its  treatment – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Scoliosis Research Society Travelling fellowship, USA (Chicago,  New York, Boston, Toronto), 2010  Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago 

● The role of serial diffusion contrast MRI studies  in Low Back Pain 

● NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York - Prof. S. Rajasekaran

Evolution and correction of severe kyphotic  deformities in spinal tuberculosis Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston 

● Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School,  Boston – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Evolution and correction of severe kyphotic  deformities in spinal tuberculosis Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Evolution and correction of severe kyphotic  deformities in spinal tuberculosis  - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Role of Iso-C Intra-operative navigation in  challenging cervical spine problems  - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

AOSpine Asia Pacific Research Committee Meeting, Osaka,  Japan, 2010. 

● India Project / Role of Research in AP region  - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

1st Annual Meeting of Cervical Spine Research Society, Asia  Pacific Section, Kobe, Japan, 2010. 

● Intra operative ISO-Cnavigation in complex  upper cervical problems – Prof. S. Rajasekaran  

39th annual meeting of the Japanese Society for Spine  Surgery and Related Research, Kochi, Japan, 2010

● Role of intraoperative computer navigation in  difficult spine surgeries – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Annual Meeting of ISSLS (International Society for the Study  of Lumbar Spine), Auckland, New Zealand, 2010

● Prevalence and patterns of disc degeneration in  thoracic and cervical spine associated to lumbar  disc degeneration in a population with and  without low back pain – Magnetic resonance  imaging analysis in two hundred and ninety nine  individuals – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Spine Workshop - The role of end plate in disc  degeneration and low back pain'.Lumbar  Vertebral Growth is governed by Chondral  Growth Force Response Curve' rather than  'Hueter-Volkmann Law'. A clinico- biomechanical  study of growth modulation  changes in childhood spinal tuberculosis  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● A study of effects of in vivo mechanical forces  on human lumbar discs with scoliotic disc as a  biological model. Results from serial post contrast diffusion studies, histopathological and  biomechanical analysis of 21 human lumbar  scoliotic discs - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Clinical meeting, University of Malaysia medical centre,  Kaula Lumpur, 2010 

● Staged revision of infected hip and knee  replacements using articulating cement spacer  -Dr. P. Dhanasekara Raja 

American Society of Anaesthesiologists National Meet, San  Diego, USA, 2010 

● Effect of Low Dose Intrathecal Clonidine on the  Blood Loss in Primary Total Hip Arthroplasties –  Dr. Balavenkat  

● Anaesthetic Management of an Open Fracture  Dislocation Ankle in a Geriatric Patient with  Impaired Coagulation – Dr. Balavenkat 

● Role of On Arrival Continuous Femoral Block in  Preoperative Optimisation of a Nonagenerian  with Hip Fracture – Dr. Balavenkat 

APOA (Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association) Conference,  Taipei, Taiwan, 2010 

● Coronal plane osteometry of femur in patients  undergoing total knee replacement – clinical  implication. Randomised trial for better limb  alignment in total knee replacement with  navigation in severe varus knees  Dr. P. Dhanasekara Raja  

Osteolife meet, Orissa, 2008. 

● Decision making in severely injured limbs  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Evolution and correction of severe post-spinal  tuberculosis kyphosis in children  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Application of computer navigation in joint  replacement and spine surgery –  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

TNOACON (TamilNadu Orthopaedic Association  Conference), Kodaikanal, 2008 

● Compartment syndrome – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Disc Dilemma – Prof. S. Rajasekaran

● Post traumatic cervical spine deformity management – Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

● Arthroscopic management of intra articular  cysts of knee joint- A prospective study  - Dr. S.R. Sundararajan 

● General principles of open intra-articular  fractures – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

● Pink Pulseless Hand in Displaced Supracondylar  Fractures of Humerus in Children – our  Experience – Dr. Ramesh .P 

IOACON ( Indian Orthopaedic Association Conference),  Bangalore, 2008 

● Fundamentals of Clinical Research  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Lumbar Canal Stenosis – Prof. S. Rajasekaran ● Evolution and treatment of kyphosis in Spinal TB  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Conducted workshop on posterior pedicular  fixation of the cervical spine –  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Conducted workshop on posterior fixation for  AIS: Decision making in the method of surgical  management – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

AO Spine Basic Course, Kolkata, 2008 

● TB Spine –Management Staergy  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Occipito Cervical Spine Injuries,Classification  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Solitary Vertebral Lesion – Prof. S. Rajasekaran ● Case Presentation-Occipitocervical Pathology  -Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

● Management of Spinal Tuberculosis  - Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

● Classification of spine injuries  - Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

● Solitary vertebral lesion – Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

Institute of Neurology, Madras medical College & Govt  General Hospital, Chennai,2008 

● Prof S Kalyanaraman Oration: Advances in  Surgical Management of TB Spine  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Ganga Operative Spine Course, Coimbatore, 2008

● Live Demonstration of Spinous Process Splitting  Approach – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

MACME CME programme, Chennai, 2008 

● Management strategies of Pain Relief in  polytrauma – Dr. Balavenkat 

● Geriatric Anaesthesia – Dr. Balavenkat  

K.S. Hegde Medical College, Manglore, 2008 

● Role of Regional Anaesthesia in Orthopaedic  surgery – Dr. Balavenkat 

● Live workshop on Peripheral nerve blocks  Dr. Balavenkat 

Madras Medical College, Chennai, 2008 

● Live workshop on Regional Anaesthesia  Dr. Balavenkat  

12th National Conference of International Trauma Care,  Cochin, 2008 

● Pre-Hospital Care: Guidelines for India  Dr. Balavenkat  

First National Conference of Obstetric Anaesthesia, Chennai,  2008 

● Pregnant Polytrauma patient: Anaesthetic  consideration – Dr. Balavenkat 

State Conference of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists,  Andhra Pradesh, 2008 

● What is New in Trauma Anaesthesia?  Dr. Balavenkat 

National Presentations 

Annual meet of Laboratory Technicians, Loyola College,  Chennai, 2008. 

Trauma deaths –an enigma: Can the laboratories  reverse the trend? - Dr. Balavenkat 

CME on USGRA, Mumbai, 2008

Does Regional Anaesthesia change the  perioperative outcome? – Dr. Balavenkat Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Vs UltraSound  Guided nerve Block – Dr. Balavenkat 

Live Workshop on Peripheral Nerve Blocks  Dr. Balavenkat 

Paediatric Spine update, Madurai, 2008  

Management of scoliosis  Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

Cervical spine update, Bangalore, 2008  

Multiple level cervical disc prolapse  Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

High cervical disc prolapse Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

Paediatric Orthopaedic Society of India, POSI, POSICON,  Coimbatore, 2008  

Congenital scoliosis- Evaluation & Management  – Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

Use of Ponseti's technique in recurrent clubfeet  following Kite's method of correction  - Dr. K. Venkatadass 

Sliding – angulation osteotomy of proximal ulna  for persistent radial head dislocation: A novel  technique – Dr. K. Venkatadass 

Management of Supracondylar Fracture  Humerus in children with pink pulseless hand  - Dr. Ramesh .P 

Orthopaedic Association of South Indian States  (OASISCON), Pondicherry, 2008  

Biological fixation in distal tibia “Save the  Tissues – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Management of Post Traumatic bone gaps  - Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

CME: Management of proximal humerus  fractures – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Cervical disc prolapse –Approach & Practical tips  – Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

VR ORTHOCON, Coimbatore, 2008  

Sirus nailing of femur Surgical technique and  complications - Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

OSSAP (Orthopaedic Surgeons Society of AP), Karimnagar,  Andhra Pradesh, 2009 

Prof Ranga Reddy Memorial Oration - Evolution &  Treatment of Severe Kyphotic Deformities in  spinal tuberculosis – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

VSN Murthy Memorial lecture: Strategies for  avoiding complications in the management of  open grade IIIB fractures – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Indian Chapter of Spinal Arthroplasty Society, Chennai, 2009

Spine Surgery-Vision 2020-Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Prof T K Shanmuga Sundaram Memorial CME on Pediatric  Orthopaedics, 2009. 

Childhood spinal tuberculosis Dr. S. Rajasekaran

Management of spinal cord problems -Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Decision Making in Spine Surgery and Spinal Techniques  (Lumbar Spine), 2009. 

Decision making in lumbar disc prolapse - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Microdiscectomy & Decompression 

- Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Approach to Failed Lumbar Disc Surger  - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Interbody Fusion (TLIF/PLIF) Prof. S. Rajasekaran

Magerls screw Fixation / Biological fixation /  Buck's screw – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Karnataka State Orthopaedic Conference, Mangalore, 2009.

Congenital scoliosis – Diagnosis and  Management – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Cervical myelopathy – spectrum of presentation  and management – Prof. S. Rajasekaran

Navigation assisted TKR – Myths and realities –  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

ASSICON (Association of Spine Surgeons of India  Conference), Chennai, 2009 

Artificial Cervical Disc - An expensive gadget one  does not need? - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

The role of navigation in deformity correction –  Prof. S. Rajasekaran  

MIS Lumbar Spine – Prof. S. Rajasekaran

Neurological cmplications in spine surgery –  Can mistakes make masters - Dr. Rishi .M Kanna

Diffusion tensor Imaging of the calf spinal cord –  An in-vitro analytical study - DR. Rishi .M Kanna

Revision spine surgery- Failed Back or Failed  Surgeon? – Dr. Rishi .M Kanna 

Acute phase reactants as a predictor of post operative infection in spine surgery  - Dr. Parthasarathy Srinivasan 

Odontoid fracture fixation: Comparison between  anterior and posterior surgery  - Dr. Ashwin Avadhani 

Kerala Orthopaedic Association Conference,  Perinthalmanna, 2009 

Dilemmas in Disc Surgery  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

West Bengal Orthopaedic Association Conference, Calcutta,  2009.  

Ganga Hospital Open Injury Severity Score in the  decision for salvage and reconstruction  sequence in severely injured limbs  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

AK Saha Memorial Oration: Navigation in Spinal  surgery – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Ganga Orthopaedic Trauma Course, Coimbatore, 2009

Ganga Hospital Score – Salvage and Beyond  - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Polytrauma – A challenge to Milieu Interior  - Dr. Balavenkat 

Percutaneous SI joint fixation  - Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

Failed DHS – Not a quiet walk in the park  - Dr. S.R. Sundararajan 

Avoiding Pitfalls in IM Nail – Getting There  smartly – Dr. S.R. Sundararajan 

Evaluation of clinical and functional outcome in  the management of knee dislocation - Dr. S.R. Sundararajan 

Total Shoulder Replacement  - Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Late Presentation in Femoral Neck Fractures overcoming a challenge -Dr.J.Dheenadhayalan

Subtrochanteric Fractures – Tips, Tidbits and  Surgical Pearls -Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Syndesmotic injuries – Anatomical Dictates  - Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Periprosthetic femoral fractures – Problem at  the tip – Dr. P. Dhanasekara Raja  

Shoulder girdle injuries and treatment  - Dr. Ramesh P. 

Chest Injuries – A Ticking Time Bomb  - Dr. Ravindra Bhat 

GeriatricAnaesthesia in Trauma  Dr. Ravindra Bhat 

Massive Blood Transfusion – a Necessary Evil –  - Dr. C. Sekar 

ARDS – Just when you thought it was over  - Dr. V.M. Balasubramani 

Head Injuries – Let Down from the Top  - Dr. G. Venkatesh 

UPORTHOCON (UP Orthopaedic Assocation Conference),  Lucknow, 2009. 

Decision making in management of severely  injured limbs - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Role of computer navigation in challenging spine  surgeries - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Evolution and correction of severe kyphotic  deformities in spinal tuberculosis  

- Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

WIROC (Western India Regional Orthopaedic Conference),  Mumbai, 2009 

Use of Navigation in modern spine surgery –  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Diffusion MRI scan – a breakthrough in imaging  neuronal injury -Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Dr R J Katrak Oration: Ganga Hospital Score in  the Management of severely injured limbs  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

IOACON (Indian Orthopaedic Association Conference),  Bhubaneswar, Orrisa, 2009 

Pains and Pleasures of Accreditation process  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Navigation in cervical spine surgery  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Is Globalisation of Orthopaedic education  possible? – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Complications of LCP – Prof. S. Rajasekaran

Assessment of fiber tract integrity by Diffusion  Tensor Imaging - Analysis of calf spinal cord  specimens – Dr. Rishi .M Kanna 

Sundaram Medical Foundation, Chennai, 2009

Dr. S. Rangarajan Memorial Oration: Achieving  Excellence in Trauma Care -Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Prof T K Shanmuga Sundaram Memorial CME on Pediatric  Orthopaedics, Chennai, 2009 

Oration Topic: Childhoold spinal tuberculosis –  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Management of spinal cord problems  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Annual CME RACE, Sri Ramachandra Medical College,  Chennai, 2009 

Perioperative Blood Conservation Startegies  - Dr. Balavenkat 

Anaesthesia update conducted by Neon laboratories, New  Delhi, 2009 

Role of Clonidine in Regional Anaesthesia  - Dr. Balavenkat 

CME on Anaesthesia Update, Mumbai, 2009 

Role of Clonidine in modern anaesthetic practice  – Dr. Balavenkat 

Role of Regional Anaesthesia in orthopaedic  surgery – Dr. Balavenkat 

Guidelines CME at Dheenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune,  2009 

Current Guidelines in Polytrauma  

– Dr. Balavenkat 

Guest lecture Airforce Medical College, Pune, 2009

Upper Extremity blocks – Dr. Balavenkat 

Guest lecture BJ Medical College, Pune, 2009

Recent trends in Regional Anaesthesia  - Dr. Balavenkat 

Anaesthesia Update, Chennai, 2009 

Clonidine a new adjunct to Regional Anaesthesia  – Dr. Balavenkat 

PG Assembly Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore, 2009

Anaesthetic considerations in Total Hip  Arthroplasty – Dr. Balavenkat 

National Conference of International Trauma Care, Kolkatta,  2009 

Crash 2 Trial: Role of Tranexamic Acid in Trauma  – Dr. Balavenkat 

South Zone Regional Anaesthesia Conference, Hyderabad,  2009 

Intravenous Paracetamol: Revisited  -Dr. Balavenkat 

Annual Gujarat State Conference of ISA, Gujarat, 2009

Recent trends in the management of a  polytrauma patient – Dr. Balavenkat 

Live workshop on Regional Anaesthesia – Dr. Balavenkat 

World Anaesthesia Day CME. YB Chavan Auditorium,  Mumbai, 2009. 

Neuraxial, Intravenous and Peripheral strategies  for postoperative pain relief Dr. Balavenkat

Role of Intravenous Paracetamol in  postoperative pain relief – Dr. Balavenkat

Peripheral Nerve Stimulator vs Ultrasound  – Dr. Balavenkat 

National Conference of RSACP, New Delhi, 2009

Anaesthetic Equations in Major Spine Surgery  – Dr. Balavenkat 

Annual CME, Stanely Medical College, Chennai, 2009

Consensus and Controversies in managing  Polytrauma – Dr. Balavenkat 

Ganga Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Course, Coimbatore,  2009 

Clinical evaluation of low back pain Cerebral palsy  –clinical view  - Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty 

Arthroscopic management of Knee injuries  – Dr. S.R. Sundararajan 

Functional anatomy and clinical examination of  the knee joint - Dr. S.R. Sundararajan 

Anatomy and Dynamics – Shoulder and shoulder  Trauma - Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Clinical Evaluation and Advances in Shoulder  Surgeries - Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Osteoarthritis of knee and its management  – Dr. P. Dhanasekara Raja  

Fractures around the knee  – Dr. P. Dhanasekara Raja  

TNOACON (TamilNadu Orthopaedic Association  Conference), Coimbatore, 2009 

Should the fracture level be instrumented in  unstable thoracolumbar burst fractures?  - Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

Ankle arthrodesis for complex hindfoot  deformities – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Shoulder arthroplasty surgical technique  – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Randomised control trial to investigate the use  of Navigation for better limb and component  alignment in severe Varus knees  – Dr. P. Dhanasekara Raja  

Comparision of limb and component alignment in  knees with varus >15°: A  Prospective Randomized Study Of 86 Knees  using navigation – Dr. P. Dhanasekara Raja

Health Care Cost and Functional Outcome  Analysis in Limb Salvage versus Below Knee Amputation – Dr. Ramesh .P

Intramedullary nail Arthrodesis for comminuted  open floating knee injuries – Dr. Srikanth .K.P

An end plate defect score to prognosticate  degenerative disc disease.  Results of an in vivo MRI study in 365 human  lumbar discs – Dr. Vijay Kamath 

Sliding-angulation radial osteotomy of ulna for  chronic head dislocation following missed  Monteggia Injuries – An innovative technique  - Dr. K. Venkatadass 

Functional outcome of open Grade IIIA and III B  supracondylar fracture femur - Dr. Ravichandra 

Application of Classification And Regression Tree  (CART) analysis in improving decisions of salvage  and sequencing of treatments in challenging limb  trauma – an analysis of the utility of various  scores – Dr. K. Karthik  

Medical Errors in Orthopaedic Trauma Unit – A  Prospective analysis - Dr. S. Muthukumar

Treatment of coronal split tibial condyle fracture  by posterior approach -Dr. Sudhir Ganesan

Sensitivity & Specificity of MRI and clinical  findings, comparision with arthroscopy on knee  pathology – Dr.Ravikumar .P 

Evaluation of clinical and functional outcome in  the management of knee dislocation – A  retrospective study of 19 patients  – Dr. Balamurugan  

Assessment of fiber tract integrity by Diffusion  Tensor Imaging – Analysis of normal spinal cord,  acute and chronic spinal cord injuries  - Dr. Rishi .M Kanna 

AO Spine Principles course, 2009. 

Outcome of surgical treatment of degenerative  spodylolysthesis - Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty 

Classification of Subaxial Cervical Spine Injuries  – Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

Bone Grafts, Substitutes and Cages - Solitary  Vertebral collapse - Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty 

Spine update – Lumbar spine disorders, Vishakapatinam,  2009 

Failed disc surgery - Post operative discitis  – Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

Microdiscectomy –Video Demonstration  – Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

AO Spine update on Spine trauma, Trivandrum, 2009

Spine Biomechanics – Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty 

Case presentation- Upper cervical trauma  – Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

Debate for posterior approach for  thoracolumbar burst fracture – Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

Upper cervical injuries - Classification &  Management- Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

Orthopaedic Association of South Indian States  (OASISCON), Cochin, 2009 

Symposium on tibial condyle injuries  – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Distal tibia fractures- Surgical Technique  – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

CME on locking plates of distal tibia and distal  radius at Lakeshore hospital  - Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Shoulder girdle injuries – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Shoulder Symposium at SPOT Hospital, Chennai, 2009

Internal fixation of proximal humerus fractures – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Live Surgery on Proximal humerus fracture  fixation – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Coimbatore Orthopaedic Society Meeting, Coimbatore,  2009 

Rotator cuff pathology and management  – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

AO Principles course, Coimbatore, 2009 

Management of open fractures  – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Management of distal femur fractures – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Management of subtrochanteric fractures  – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

LISS fixation in distal femur fractures – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Orthopaedic trauma and complications meet, Coimbatore,  2009 

Syndesmotic injuries of the ankle – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Indian Society of Hip and Knee Surgeons (ISHKS), New  Delhi, 2009 

Comparision of limb and component alignment in  knees with varus >15°: A  Prospective Randomized Study Of 86 Knees  using navigation - Dr. P. Dhanasekara Raja  

Ranawat Orthopedic Course, Kolkata, 2010. 

Patellar resurfacing – To do or not to do? – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Autologous chondrocyte implantation in  osteoarthritis – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

IOACON (Indian Orthopaedic Association Conference),  Jaipur, 2010. 

Assessment of spinal cord tract integrity by  diffusion tensor imaging - evaluation of DTI  anisotropy indices & tractography of normal  spinal cord, acute & chronic spinal cord injuries  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Changing Scenario of WOC-Prof. S. Rajasekaran

Pearls and Pitfalls in spine navigation  - Role of Navigation - Prof. S. Rajasekaran

Clinical evaluation of a failed disc surgery  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Coronal plane osteometry of femur in patients  undergoing total knee replacement – clinical  implication – Dr. P. Dhanasekara Raja 

Open injuries of the astragalus and fate after  their fixation – Dr. Ramesh .P 

Management of infected joint replacements by a  two stage revision with cement spacer  - Dr. Ramesh .P 

Baroda Orthopaedic Association Annual Oration, Alkapuri,  Baroda, 2010 

Childhood Spinal Tuberculosis  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Role of Computer Navigation in Spine Surgery  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Dilemmas in Management of Lumbar Disc  Disease – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

MOACON (Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association), Nasik,  2010 

Dr Bavadekar Oration: Problem of deformities in  spinal tuberculosis - Prof. S. Rajasekaran

Open Injuries – Management Overview  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

The 'Angels of Death' in major injuries  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Debridement – Key to Success  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Challenging Case Discussions  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Role of antibiotics in open fractures  – Dr. Ramesh .P 

Joint Meeting of International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS),  Asian Spinal Cord Network (ASCoN) & Spinal Cord Society  (SCS), Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, Delh, 2010

Thoracolumbar fracture classifications systems  and their role in determining  treatment – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Thoracolumbar Burst Fractures - How will I  manage it? – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 
POSI POSNA Pediatric Fracture Course, Ganga Hospital,  Coimbatore, 2010 

Missed Monteggia Injuries – Prof. S. Rajasekaran

Spine Fractures in Children  – Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty  

Open injuries in Children – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan

Management of Supracondylar Fracture  Humerus in children with pink pulseless hand –  Dr. K. Venkatadass 

Management of comminuted femur fracture in  adolescents - Dr. K. Venkatadass 

Annual State Conference of Orthopaedics (OSSAP 2010),  Gandhi Medical College, Secunderabad, 2010 

Dilemmas in Lumbar Disc Disease  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Annual Conference of Central Zone of Indian Orthopaedic  Association (CEZCON), Jaipur, 2010 

Management of severe spinal deformities –  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Ganga Operative Trauma Course, Ganga Hospital,  Coimbatore, 2010 

Ganga Hospital Score – Salvage and Beyond –  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Morbidity and Mortality Determinants Following  Trauma – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

SI joint fixation – Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty 

Aseptic nonunion of femur shaft fractures  – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Surgical management principles in Distal tibia  fractures Dr. S.R. Sundararajan 

North East Regional Orthopaedic Surgeons Association  (NEROSA) Midterm CME, Guwahati, Assam, 2010.

An over view & current concepts of management  of open fractures - Prof. S. Rajasekaran

Philosophy of Ganga Hospital Score for Open  Fractures – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Continuing Orthopaedic Education (COE), Hotel Gateway,  Mangalore, 2010 

Open fractures around shoulder  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Pathogensis and sequence of events in Rotator  cuff tears - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Annual day Celebration of Indore Orthopaedic Association,  Indore, 2010 

Silver Jubilee Oration: Ganga Hospital score in  the decision of salvage and reconstruction of  limbs in severe open injuries  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Problem of severe kyphotic deformities in spinal  tuberculosis - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Instructional Course in Spine (ICS), Golden Landmark  Resort, Mysore, 2010 

Avoiding errors in decision making in spine  surgery – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Discitis – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Salvage of S1 screws – Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty 

Problem of severe kyphotic deformities in spinal  tuberculosis – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

9th Annual Conference of Orthopaedic Association of South  Indian States (OASISCON), Vadapalani, Chennai, 2010

Current concepts in the Management of TB  Spine – Prof. S. Rajasekaran  

Possibility of External Fixator Osteosynthesis in  treatment of damages and diseases of Vertebra  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Sideswipe injuries of the elbow – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Who does better? Salvage or Early Below knee  amputation in mangled Extremities.  -Dr. Ramesh .P  

Management of bone defects in primary total  knee arthroplasty -Dr. Ommen Mathew 

Damage Control Orthopaedics:  Anaesthesiologists Concern – Dr. Balavenkat

Timing of definitive surgery in major polytrauma current thinking - Dr. Balavenkat 

Jog Hospital's Orthopaedic Interactive Training Seminar,  Pune, 2010. 

Decision Making in Spinal Injuries  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran  

Examinations of Hip Joint Unilateral / Bilateral  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Delhi Orthopaedic Association MIDCON, Delhi, 2010

Management Strategies for difficult / watershed  spinal fractures - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Ortho Clinics, Mumbai (Scientific Webcast Symposium),  2010 

Ganga Hospital Score in Salvage & Limb  Reconstruction Pathways in Severely  Injured limbs – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

TRAUMACON, Mumbai, 2010 

Aseptic non union femoral shaft following  intramedullary nailing - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Aseptic non union femoral shaft following  intramedullary nailing - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Selecting patients for conservative care and the  ideal regimen - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Controversial therapies :High dose Methyl  prednisolone : Stem cell therapy  - Prof. S.Rajasekaran 

Spine CME & Workshop 2010, Karnataka Institute of Medical  Science, Hubli. 

Overview of TB Spine – Prof. S. Rajasekaran

Live surgical demonstration of TB Spine  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Launch of Course on Back Pain Management & Spine  Surgery:: IMA, ASSI & India Medtronics, Chennai, 2010.

Back Pain Management & Recent Advances in  Spine Surgery - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Annual Conference of North Zone Indian Orthopaedic  Association  (NZIOACON), Jammu, 2010 

P K Duraiswamy Oration: Salvage &  Reconstruction of Severely Injured Limbs  - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Role of Computer Navigation in spine surgeries – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Current Trends in Childhood Spinal Tuberculosis – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

34th Annual Conference of Karnataka Orthopaedic  Association, St John's Medical College, Bangalore, 2010

Making the right decisions in Disc Surgery –  Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Session on Spondylolisthesis: Evidence based  approach – concluding remarks  - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Six Sigma in Orthopaedic Practice  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

TNOACON (TamilNadu Orthopaedic Association  Conference), Courtallam, 2010 

Complications in the Management of Lower  Cervical Spine injuries - Prof. S. Rajasekaran

Disc Dilemmas – Prof. S. Rajasekaran

Combined DCS and intramedullary nail for failed  subtrochanteric fractures- An innovative  technique – Dr. J. Dheenadhayalan 

Coronal Plane Osteometry of South Indian  Patients with Arthritic Knees – Clinical  Implications in Distal Femoral Cut during Total  knee Arthroplasty -Dr. P. Dhanasekara Raja

Talus Dayout- Should it go in or stay out ?  - Dr. Ramesh .P 

Ultrastructural changes in the intervertebral  discs due to altered mechanical loading – An  electron microscopic analysis using scoliotic disc  as biologic model – Dr. K. Venkatadass 

Aseptic nonunion in femur shaft fractures- plate  rod construct - Dr. Srikanth .K.P 

Management of ACL avulsion fractures by  Arthroscopic staple fixation - Dr. Leo Bernard 

Gujarat Orthopaedic Association Conference, Surat, 2010

Lumbar disc surgery – What is in, what is out?  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Symposium on Lumbar Spinal Stenosis –  Minimally Invasive Surgery - Prof. S. Rajasekaran

Hip Masters Course – Bipolar Hips  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Hip Masters Course – Cementing Techniques – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Posterior approach(RS) maximising acetabular  exposure/retractors placement/closure tips  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

ASSICON (Association of Spine Surgeons of India  Conference), Nagpur, 2010. 

A study of Effect of invivo Mechanical forces on  Human Lumbar Discs with Scoliotic disc as a  Biological Model – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Safe Spine Surgery – Prof. S. Rajasekaran

Ostoetomies for correction of kyphosis in  ankylosing spondylitis - Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Thoracolumbar burst fractures treated by  posterior short segment fixation.  Is surgical arthrodesis necessary ?  – Dr. Vijay Kamath 

Clinical Research Award. Is cervical pedicle  screw fixation possible in children?  - evaluation of invitro – Dr. Rishi .M Kanna

pedicle morphometrics and analysis of pedicle  screw fixation in fifteen complex paediatric  deformities – Dr. Rishi .M Kanna 

Analysis of Functional Outcome of Direct Repair  of Spondylolysis by Buck's Method – Dr. Subbaih

Evaluation of comorbidities as indicator of  postoperative complications in spine surgery: Is  Charlson comorbidity index alone a sensitive  indicator? - Dr. Abhiskek Manu  

Posterior transpedicular instrumentation without fusion in the surgical management of  thoracolumbar and lumbar tuberculous  spondylodiscits -Dr. Ashwin Avadhani 

Annual Conference of Kerala Orthopaedic Association,  Palakkad, 2010 

Indications and Complications of LCP  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Two stage revisions of infected hip and knee  replacements using articulating cement spacer –  Dr. Ommen Mathew 

The role of Tranexamic acid in reduction of blood  loss in total knee replacement – Dr. Shiby John 

Advances & Techniques in Joint Replacement Surgery,  Kolkatta, 2010 

Current Status of Cartilage Grafting  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Patellar Resurfacing- Pros and Cons  – Prof. S. Rajasekaran 

Annual Conference of Indian College of Anaesthesiologist,  New Delhi, 2010 

Perioperative fluid therapy- Current Issues  – Dr. Balavenkat 

CME Workshop at KSHEMA, Mangalore, 2010

Regional Anaesthesia – Dr. Balavenkat 

Maharashtra State Anaesthesia Conference, Nasik 2010 

Role of Anaesthesiologist in Polytrauma  – Dr. Balavenkat 

Guidelines for DVT Prophylaxis in High Risk  Patients – Dr. Balavenkat 

Regional Anaesthesia Workshop – Dr. Balavenkat

Silver Day Problems in Ploytrauma  – Dr. Balavenkat 

Golden Hour in Trauma- Lessons learnt  – Dr. Balavenkat 

MASCON (Mumbai Anaesthesiology Society Conference),  Mumbai, 2010 

Live Demonstration: Regional Anaesthesia  – Dr. Balavenkat 

Hands on Workshop – Dr. Balavenkat

Intravenous Paracetamol in current  postoperative pain mamangement - Dr. Balavenkat 

CSE: How to make it work? – Dr. Balavenkat

Geriatric patient with Neck Of Femur Fracture  with multiple comorbid condition: Best  Anaesthetic Practice – Dr. Balavenkat 

Panel Discussion on Polytrauma Management  Principles – Dr. Balavenkat 

West Zone Anaesthesia ISA National Conference, Navsari,  Gujarat, 2010 

Continuous Perineural Catheter: Has it come to  stay? – Dr. Balavenkat 

South Zone Anaesthesia National Conference, Thrissur,  Kerala, 2010 

Geriatric Patient for Hip Surgery  – Dr. Balavenkat 

International Conference of Trauma Care, India Habitat  Centre, New Delhi, 2010 

Do Biochemical Markers Prognosticate Outcome  in Major Polytrauma? – Dr. Balavenkat 

Annual Conference of Association of Physician Assistants of  India, GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore, 2010 

How to become better than the best?  – Dr. Balavenkat 

KANISACON, Kanyakumari, 2010 

Patient with Traumatic Brain Injury for Incidental  Surgery – Dr. Balavenkat 

Panel Discussion - 75 year old patient with  coronary artery disease with for fracture  neck of femur – Dr. Balavenkat 

CME of Mysore ISA, Mysore, 2010 

Newer Trends in Regional Anaestheisa  – Dr. Balavenkat 

Intravenous Paracetamol – Dr. Balavenkat 

Regional Anaesthesia CME, Annual Meeting of the ISSP,  Miraj, Maharashtra, 2010. 

Regional Anaesthesia Trends and Tribulations  – Dr. Balavenkat 

Live workshop on Regional Anaesthesia  – Dr. Balavenkat 

RAW, Mumbai, 2010 

Live Regional Anaesthesia workshop - Upper  Extremity Blocks – Dr. Balavenkat 

Challenging Case Scenarios of Cardiac Patient  for Noncardiac Suregry and the Role  of Regional Anaesthesia – Dr. Balavenkat

PRO & CON session on PNS vs Ultrasound in  Regional Anaesthesia - Dr. Balavenkat 

ISA meeting, Hotel Ratna Residency, Coimbatore. 2010 

Role of Intravenous Paracetamol in  Postoperative Pain Management  - Dr. Balavenkat 

RACE, Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai, 2010

Intubating LMA vs Fibreoptic Bronchoscope in  intubating a patient with unstable  cervical spine fracture – Dr. Balavenkat 

Annual Regional Anaesthesia CME, Meenakshi Mission  Hospital, Madurai, 2010 

Regional Anaesthesia: Newer Trends  – Dr. Balavenkat 

Paediatric Orthopaedic Society of India, POSI, POSICON,  Hyderabad, 2010

Evaluation of clubfeet treated by Ponseti's  technique – An analysis of form, function &  radiology at 2 yrs follow-up  – Dr. K. Venkatadass