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International Award Year 2022

‘Harold Tscherene Teaching' Award - Dr S Rajasekaran

Dr. (Prof) S Rajasekaran 

‘Harold Tscherene Teaching' Award - Dr S Rajasekaran

"The award is named in honour of eminent Prof. Harald Tscherene, Germany who contributed immensely by evolving concepts in management of limb injuries. In the last 20 years, the award has been given only to six eminent surgeons from different parts of the world who have contributed by their original and innovative techniques or concepts which has radically changed and improved the treatment of severely injured patients. Dr S Rajasekaran was awarded this prestigious award for devising ‘Ganga Hospital open injury score’. He is the first person to be nominated and elected from the whole of Asia Pacific region to this prestigious position. While, all the previous Chairs hail from North America and Europe."