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Ear Piercing

  1. Why do patients get ears pierced in the hospital?

  2. The idea of getting ears pierced can be frightening for a lot of people as it is painful. As many children are frightened and anxious due to the pain, they keep turning their heads which make it difficult to pierce in the right spot. Many people are also worried about the sterility of the procedure done as it may become infected if it is not done well in a sterile manner.

  3. What would we do?

  4. We would give one intravenous injection through which we will sedate the patient. After getting the patient to sleep under sterile aseptic conditions, we will pierce the ear and insert the ear ring.

  5. How long will I need to be in the hospital?

  6. Although we give short sedation, many people sleep for a while after the procedure due to the effect of the drug. After they get up and feel comfortable the patient goes home the same day.

  7. I would like to get the ear piercing done on an auspicious day at a particular time. Can we get this done?

  8. We can surely do this in the day and time of your choice. We would like to meet you at an earlier date and fix the date and timing of the procedure.

  9. Can my family members come in and watch the procedure?

  10. As we would like to get it done with all strict aseptic precautions, it is done in an operation theatre where we would not like people around. Hence we do not encourage people around while piercing the ear.