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International Visitors 2019-2020

SICOT (International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology) - Fellows

Dr. Prabhakaran Jayaprakasan

(SICOT Ganga Fellowship, LCH Hospital, Abu Dhabi)

Came for the SICOT Ganga fellowship. Am very grateful to Dr.Rajasekaran for providing me the opportunity to observe the excellent work being done in Ganga Hospital. Can condently say that I have picked up information that can help my patients and more importantly, have the awareness of how to approach complicated cases, this set up required and now have an idea of the strength and limitation of myself and my hospital.
Dr. Ndukwu Chibuzo

(SICOT Fellowship, Lecturer, Nigeria)

I had the rare privilege of observing and occasionally assisting in a wide range of Spine and Arthroplasty cases. The commitment of both the consultants and fellows to patient care is quite commendable. So much emphasis is placed on good outcome and adherence to international best practice in medical care. I remain eternally grateful to Prof.S.Rajasekaran (immediate post President of SICOT) for granting me this fellowship to have this experience. The knowledge acquired will impact my practice positively.
Dr. Chigblo S. Pascal

(SICOT Fellowship, National Teaching Hospital of Cotonou, Benin)

I discovered Ganga Hospital on the website of SICOT and I see that their department of orthopaedics is specialised in trauma. So, I decided to come and do my fellowship. My stay is very useful and was very happy to all to think and see and learn especially the care of non union fractures, bone loss, bone tumour and great deformity. All this will help me to demonstrate my practice.
Dr. M. R. Ahmed Nihaj

(Fernando Place, Anandpass, Colombo – 14, Srilanka)

I did trauma and Arthroscopy. Excellent exposure in trauma. I attended arthroscopy workshop. Must attended workshop. I will come back in future.

APSS Medtronic Spine Clinical Fellowship 2019-2020

Dr. Rommel L Tan

(Spine Consultant, Davao Spine & Scoliosis Centre, Davao City, Philippines )

Ganga hospital is an ideal learning center. It has a huge number of cases of variety which is good. The work ethics of its people is exemplary. One that I hope I can replicate in our center. My learning opportunities was fun. Even if I was here during the lockdown there was no dull moment. Every day is a day that I always look forward to, always of a question, what can I learn today? What can I write about? I was never asked of a question … Is coming over to Ganga worth your while? My answer is DEFINITELY YES! And more…… Thank you very much for the opportunity.

AO Foundation

Dr. MD Taimur Rahman

(North Dhanmondi, Kalabagan, Dhaka, Bangladesh)

I did my observership on spine. It was good. All teachers are cooperative, academic as well. If I asked any question they gave answers richly. OT environment was good for learning. This fellowship in Ganga Hospital is helpful in my future life. All staff of this hospital were good, cooperative and helpful. I will come back again in this hospital in future for learning purpose
Dr. A X Rex Premchand

(Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore)

I came to Ganga Hospital hoping to get a glimpse of the care to patients, teaching sessions. I consider this as an ocean for orthopaedic knowledge. I followed Dr.DD Sir for 6 weeks, able to see a wide of variety of limb reconstruction cases, shoulder and elbow cases. The morning teaching sessions were informative. Thanks to the trauma team and special thanks to Dr.SR sir.
Dr. Abdullah Al Mahmud

(Nobodoy Housing, Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh)

I am fortunate to do my fellowship program in Ganga Hospital. Everybody I found very kind and cooperative. I learned a lot from this medical center which upgrade my knowledge and help my daily practise. My all the best wishes, Long live Prof. S.R.Sir, Ajoy sir, and Rishi Sir, Long live Ganga Hospital.
Dr. Anil M Solanki

(Shalby Hospital, Ahmedabad )

It was a matter of pride for me to get AO fellowship at Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore. During one month of my fellowship, I had opportunity to attend large number of surgeries with active participation. The execution in surgical plans with comfort and speed along with perfection are the skills which impressed me. Dr.S.Rajasekaran, Dr.Ajoy, Dr.Rishi all gave me tips for my better understanding of spine. All the fellows and staff supported me well during fellowship period.
Dr. Santosh Paudel

(NAMS, National Trauma Centre, Nepal )

It was a great experience to work with the environment professionals in spine surgery. It was like a dream to see the huge volume of cases with different varieties in a short time of one month in spine surgery. I learned many surgical skills and techniques but the management of overall patients was much to learn than surgical skills. The staff and colleagues were eager to help always.
Dr. Layth Alteeti

(Makassed Hospital, Palestine - Jerasalem)

I had the privilege to be at Ganga Hospital for 2 months observing trauma masters doing their work. I had assisted many cases and pelvis fractures. Really glad and proud to be here. Sir Rajasekaran talked about contribution to world. They are truly changing the world.
Dr. Shah Whaliullah

(King George Medical University, Lucknow)

It is truly unremarkable experience of my life, one of the best spine centre I have ever visited. I got ample exposure to variety of spinal surgeries. All of the three teachers are really good, they are so keen to teach us and clear doubts regarding cases. I have learnt lot of new techniques and I believe they will really change my future practice. I am also thankful to staff, very cooperative.

Bangladesh Orthopaedic Association (BOA) Ganga Fellowship

Dr. Khandaker Abu Sayed

( Bangladesh Orthopaedic Association (BOA) Ganga Fellowship )

I had a wonderful and pleasantable experience in BOA-Ganga Fellowship Period. In that time Dr.Sundararajan sir, the man of Arthroscopy had taught me a lot of tips in knee and shoulder arthroscopy. I am also very much grateful to Prof.Rajasekaran Sir to give me the opportunity to join this program. Next time, I want to again come to Ganga Hospital. With thanks.
Dr. Md. Sofikul Islam

( Bangladesh Orthopaedic Association (BOA) Ganga Fellowship )

I am very much grateful to Dr.Rajasekaran for arranging BOA Ganga Fellowship. I have learnt many new things about arthroplasty as well as arthroscopic surgery. All consultants were very much helpful and co-operative during operative procedure. I hope this fellowship programme will be continued for long time. Again I am very much thankful to authority of Ganga Hospital.
Dr. Md.Harun Are Rashid

(D haka, Bangladesh Orthopaedic Association (BOA) Ganga Fellowship )

My observationship at Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore is very dynamic, fruitfull and beyond of imagine. I am very much luck enough that I got a chance to observe here. Thanks to Dr.SR sir for his kind support and behave like father and Sir. Thanks to Dr.Sundar sir for his contribution for learning something new. I am grateful to Ganga Hospital and all employees. I will return again If I get a chance again.
Dr. Md Azadur Rahman,

( Rangpur Medical College, Hospital Bangladesh , Bangladesh Orthopaedic Association (BOA) Ganga Fellowship )

It is a good experience for me as fellowship training in Ganga Hospital. They have a huge work load, but they are managing nicely. All the consultant are well trained and very friendly. I hope I would come again to enrich my knowledge and thought process.
Dr. Mohammad Mahabubur Rahman Khan

(National Institute of Traumatology & Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Nitur, Dhaka)

This is a great opportunity to be here for a period, special thanks to Prof. S.Rajasekaran sir for allowing me. All mentors were highly co-operative, operation theatre staffs here very much co-operative to me. Ofcials are also co-operative, all secretaries & Staffs wer highly helpful.

Japanese Society for Spine Surgery and Related Research (JSSR) - Travelling Fellows

Dr Kazuki Fujimoto

( National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Kohnodai Hospital, Japan)

Thank you for experiencing great opportunity to my rst visit to India. I have a great experience observing wonderful surgery and outpatient clinic. South Indian Food is very delicious and thank you all of staff !!.
Dr. Kazuta Tamashita

( Tokushima University, Japan)

Thank you for inviting us as JSSR Traveling Fellowship. We are really happy to meet all guys and to see wonderful surgery and outpatient clinic. Moreover, your accommodation and welcoming is awesome! Near future, I strongly hope to come back again. I can't thank you enough.

National Visitors 2019-2020

Association of Spine Surgeons of India

Dr. Rahul Prakash

( Bombay Hospital, Mumbai)

I am fortunate to witness 1 month of dedicated spine work in Ganga Hospital. Ganga hospital is doing pioneer work in all aspect of orthopaedic surgery. The work here is so much organised, planned, smoothly coordinated so that no other hospital can even match that. I heartily congratulate Dr.SR sir for building and motivating Ganga staff to excel in all aspects. Dr. Ajoy Shetty is a gem as surgeon and as person too. He takes extreme care of us as fellows. He taught us ne nuances of spine surgery. It's a bonus for us to be work and learn from him.
Dr. Zahir Abbas I Merckant

( Bombay Hospital, Mumbai)

It gives me immense pleasure & pride to write about the institution that I had always dreamt to work under Dr.Rajasekaran. Has created and nurtured an institution that one can only dream of. He has created a saga of spine. I have been in serendipity to witness world class work in spine being done at Ganga Hospital. The work at Ganga is fully coordinated, timely done and everyone is at ease at doing it. No other center has achieved this feat ever before. Ganga hospital is an imminent institute. With world class facilities being provided it affordable rates. Dr.Ajoy Shetty sir has been a pedagogue to teach us the ne skills of spine.
Dr. Ayush Sharma

( Central Railway Hospital, Mumbai)

Engaged my visit of Ganga. It was a fabulous spine experience will love to visit again.

Indian Orthopaedic Association (IOA)

Dr. Gyan Ranjan

(Sudha Hospitals, Darbhaga, Bihar)

I feel honoured that I was said to write in this book. Ganga hospital is an institution which is famous in many countries for the treatment and results they are delivery to the patients. Almost every orthopaedic surgeon in India aspires to come and work in this hospital at least once. I was lucky to get this chance. Dr.SR sir is a charismatic team leader, doctor by profession and teacher at heart. All his teaching about orthopaedic and other part of life is a very inspiring thought. To assist him in a few surgeries is a life time experience. Dr.Ajoy Shetty sir is a wonderful teacher and very helping person. I feel gratied that Dr.SR sir gave me opportunity to be a part of Ganga Hospital. A very disciplined institution with very hard working professionals.
Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma

( SMS Medical College, Jaipur)

I am honoured and privileged to work in Ganga Hospital as Central Zone – IOA Fellow. This is best Institution in India or abroad I have ever visited. The work culture/ high standards of professional excellence are something which I will remember for rest of my life. Dr.S.R.Sir treat every fellow with affection, care and always really to help trainees coming from all over India and abroad. I learned advanced arthroplasty concept and basic training in bone banking under guidance of Dr.NRK sir and Dr.DSR Sir. I am deeply indebted to Ganga Hospital for this wonderful experience. I will look forward to visit this high volume arthroplasty centre and bone bank to further tone my skills.
Dr. Narendran Pushpasekaran

( Medical Trust Hospital, Cochin)

It has been a power packed learning expiring for the entire tenure at the prestigious Ganga Hospital & Research Centre. The excellent faculties are pushing the wonders of excellence and standards of orthopaedic care. I had focused on the areas of research and skill enhancement in the led of arthroscopy. I thank the director for providing this wonderful opportunity to undertake the IOA-Fellowship at this centre of excellence.
Dr. Tarun Verma

(M edical College in Baroda, Gujarat)

I had a wonderful experience during my 3 weeks IOA Fellowship at Ganga Hospital. I had heard a lot about this Institutional Prof.S.Rajasekaran. On visiting here, I realised every bit of it to be true. The hospital is very well organised and maintained. The work ow is very smooth. I had opportunity to observe around 120 cases in 3 weeks, which is a huge number. Dr.Sundararajan Sir has been very kind to me and other fellows. After each case he explained us about it and cleared our doubts. It was a very helpful learning experience which is denitely going to help in my eld. Last, but not the least, Ganga Guest house is very nice place and well maintained.

Tamilnadu Orthopaedic Association (TNOA)

Dr. Vinoth Kumar G

TNOA Fellowship (Arthroplasty)

I have immense pleasure in being selected and posted at Ganga Hospital in the Department which I have been asked. I was so lucky to have been posted under my senior of Alma mater (Govt. Royapettah Hospital) Dr.Dhanasekara Raja. The most fascinating and wonderful person I have met. The best surgeon and a cool surgeon I have ever met. I look forward for further endeavours of following for 1 year under the same unit in the near future. I thank the team Ganga whole heartedly for this opportunity.
Dr. T.R. Ashok

TNOA Fellowship (Sri Ramachandra Hospital, Porur, Chennai)

It was a good learning and updating of new ideas and concepts on dealing orthopaedic practice. Defining of thoughts on management its outcome visualised.
Dr. Srijay Sashaank S

TNOA Fellowship (Srinivasapuram, Thiruvanmaiyur, Chennai)

It was a wonderful experience – associated with a institute like Ganga Medical Centre and Hospital. I would express my gratitude to Dr.DD sir for having me here as TNOA-trauma fellow for 2 weeks. It has been a great learning experience in trauma. I would also like to thank all my co-fellows and stay at GMC & Hospitals for the excellent hospitality extended.
Dr. Naveenkumar K

(Fellowship in Spine surgery, Sree Manakula Vinayagar Medical College,Pondicherry)

It was a great experience to be here in Ganga hospital. The spine surgery department was very unique and the case load is tremendous. I thank Dr.S.Rajasekaran, Dr.Ajoy and Dr.Rishi for their wonderful guidelines.
Dr. V. Vasantharaj

(Fellowship in Spine surgery, Dharmapuri)

It was good experience in seeing all those different cases in spine. CT Navigation in spine was different experience.
Dr. P. Murali

(Fellowship in Arthroplasty, Thanjavur)

I am very much grateful to Dr.SR Sir, Dr.DD sir, Dr.DSR Sir for giving me this opportunity in my life. Many things I learnt from the department and hospital. Thank you very much for the TNOA
Dr. Prabha Ram Kumar R,

(Fellowship in Spine surgery, Coimbatore)

Wonderful experience, Provides a different perspective in Spine Surgeries. Builds up condence in spine especially in dural tear scenarios. I am very grateful to the teachers Prof.S.Rajasekaran, Dr.Ajoy, Dr.RMK, who provided excellent tips and tricks. I thank TNOA for this golden opportunity.
Dr. Subhramanya Gandhi

(SreeBalaji Hospital, Chennai)

It has been a power packed learning experience for entire tenure at the prestigious Ganga Hospital and research centre. I would express my gratitude to Dr.DD Sir for having me here as TNOA Fellow for 2 weeks. It is great learning experience from all the faculty in trauma department.
Dr. Ram Gautham G

(TNOA Trauma Fellowship, Madurai)

I had a wonderful opportunity to be at Ganga for two weeks under Dr.DD as the TNOA fellow had a wonderful experience with exposure to a wide variety of complex trauma and excellent teaching by Dr.DD himself.
Dr. Santhosh

(TNOA Trauma Fellowship, SBS Hospital, Hosur)

I should thank everyone in orthopaedic trauma department to get to know, understand my basics and surgical principles of surgery. I really thank TNOA and Dr.Dheenadhayalan sir for allowing me as a fellow at Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore.
Dr. Kathiresan R

(TNOA Arthroplasty Fellowship, Govt IRT PMCH, Perundurai, Erode)

I am thanking everyone in Arthroplasty team to help me to clarify my lacunae areas and shape me still further ne in Arthroplasty. My special thanks to Dr.S.Rajasekaran, Dr Dheenadhayalan, Dr.Dhanasekara Raja, for guiding me in my Arthroplasty career.
Dr. K.R. Tarun Prashanth

(TNOA Arthroplasty Fellowship, SRMC, Porur, Chennai)

It's been a privilege to have been at this reputed Institute for two weeks, where patients have been treated at the helm of doctors who are committed only for perfection and are trained herewith the only motto of work life is passion. I can't thank enough Prof.Dheenadhayalan, Dr.Dhanasekara Raja and Dr.N.Rajkumar for teaching me during every case and sharing their experience.
Dr. S. Prabhakar

(TNOA Fellow (Spine))

It is very nice to work in spine department, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore.
Dr. V. Arun, MS (Ortho)

(TNOA Trauma Fellowship, SBS Hospital, Hosur)

Govt. Dharmapuri Medical College, Dharmapuri, (Arthroplasty) Ganga OT is a Dreamland for every orthopaedician. It is a treasure house of experience.

Observership / Fellowship 2019-2020

Dr. M.Sathish

(Velayuthampalayam Government Hospital, Karur )

When we are in Ganga, learning goes effectless and as an integral part of everyday routine, happy to be a part of it for a short period.
Dr. Priti Ranjan Sinha

(Saraswati Institute of Medical Sciences, Ghaziabad, Uttarpradesh )

First of all, many thanks to you for giving me an opportunity to visit your hospital for 7 days. It was an extremely delightful, full of learning, knowing many things which was unaware of, knowing the correct approach to surgery and overall management. It is extremely helpful that it will help in my day to day management. Many thanks again Sir.
Dr. Manoj Phalak

(Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery, A IIMS, New Delhi)

I feel delighted to experience the Ganga Spine Speciality for the high volume centre with all kind of cases which are otherwise rare to see, getting managed here with ease. Dr.S. Rajasekaran is not just a surgeon, but teacher par excellence. This attention to details and a scientic rationale thinking is uncomparable. I learnt a great deal of ner nuances with him, be it operative planning or academics.
Dr. Shriprakash Jha

(Department of Orthopaedics, Max Hospital, Shalimarbagh, Delhi )

It is very good experience to work in Ganga Hospital under Dr.SR sir and Dr.Sundarrajan sir. Number of cases per OT is very good in number. Sundar sir helped me lot. Explaining the procedure during intra operative and tricks of particular surgery. Infrastructure of Ganga Hospital OT is well designed.
Dr. Suman Dhar

(East Bank of Jagannath Dighi, Udaipur, Gomati District, Tripura)

It is a great privilege to be here at Ganga Hospital, under the guidance of Prof.S.R sir. I got many of my concepts cleared and got a variety of cases with learning in each case. Sir teachers is very care something new which is best part of it. Although sucha short time is very less to set in all in the thought process, but this short time period has still given me a lot of education in patient management and health care.
Dr. Rohit Malhotra, MS(Ortho)

( Orthomax Bone & Joint Hospital, Panchkula)

It was a pleasure and a blessing to come to Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore and work under the stalwarts of Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty by observing them and learning from them. I am thankful to Dr.Sundarrajan sir to let me observe and teach me tips and tricks in Arthroscopy surgery of both knee & shoulder.
Dr. Duggineni Maheshkumar

(Ravuri Somaiah Nagar, Tanguturu)

It has been my dream to work in Ganga. I have attended for interview under Dr.MGR Medical University for the years 2018 and 2019. Overall the working environment is good and world class that of art operating rooms are well maintained
Dr. Rishabh Kumar

(Sahaj Surgery, Tilak Nagar, Kankarbagh, Patna )

It is a great privilege to be here at Ganga Hospital under great guidance of Dr.SR sir. It is a dream come true to spend one month in the best hospital of India. Learned a lot under the guidance of Dr.DD sir and his team. Complex surgeries which is done here is at another level. Dedication of trauma team was fantastic. Great ambience and will have to visit again
Dr. Janki Sharan Bhadani

( IGIMS, Patna, Bihar Orthopaedic Association )

My fellowship in Arthroplasty is really very fruitful. All the faculty and co-fellows are really very nice and we learnt a lot and will come back again. Thank you, Dr.Rajasekaran, Dr. Dhanasekara Raja and Dr.Rajkumar.
Dr. Manish Kumar

( IGIMS, Patna, Bihar Orthopaedic Association )

It was a very nice experience. Wanted to continue till the completion of the course but due to corona virus problem in the country, we have decided to learn at present.