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Dr. Shashidhar BK, Bangalore

"Fortunate to see my role model in action. Thanks for the opportunity and looking forward for more."
Dr. Rajat Mahajan, Bangalore

"It was a pleasure to work here. I will cherish these memories for life time."
Dr. Deepak Kumar, Uttar Pradesh

"It was a great experience, we saw different work-culture, hard working hospital staff and dedicated team of consultants, who are keen to not only perform surgeries but also to teach."
Dr. Chandra Prakash Pal, Uttar Pradesh

Most wonderful experience.
Dr. Chandrashekhar Vijay Gaike, Maharashtra

"These 7 days were very much worth and had opportunity to see and assist varieties of cases"
Dr. Dhiraj Vithal Sonawane, Mumbai

"It was wonderful experience to assist for surgeries and discuss my problems, queries and to get right answer."
Dr. Himanshu, Hyderabad

"It was a dream comes true to visit Ganga Hospital. I would call it Temple of learning. They are understandably best at work."
Dr. Kunal Shah, Mumbai

The vision and the management to thrive for excellence was seen in each and every aspect of hospital. It was great seeing variety of cases and surgeons were very kind to teach us intrinsic aspects of cases.
Dr. Abdelmanem Muhammed, Saudi Arabia

"Good and very specialised hospital with very kind, highly educated and helpful surgeons."
Dr. Subhas B Shah, Nepal

"The opportunity to scrub in cases of my interest in theatre and enlightening me with wisdom in OPD and in trauma review was great. I will love to come to this centre again in future."
Dr. Naveen Vijayasingham, Malaysia

"I would like to thank Ganga Hospital for giving me this opportunity to learn in the field of Orthopaedics & Spine. The knowledge is endless here."
Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al Saif, Yemen

"I am surprised about the system of the hospital and have been among interesting operations that I have never seen it before."
Dr. Moses Agunda, Kenya

"This fellowship forms a very strong foundation for me, to progressively build and nurture the skills acquired towards becoming a safe and skillful spine surgeon."
Dr. Benjamin Mukulu Ndeleva, Nairobi

The members of the spine team were all so welcoming and hospitable. Fantastic set-up."
Dr. Sharif Ahmed Jonayed, Bangladesh

"This training will help me a lot in terms of management in out patients' level, clinical skin skills and decision making. All the consultants and fellows are very much co-operative.
Dr. Chrishan Thakar, UK

Your unit is an inspiration to all. I have been mightily impressed by your work and have found my short experience with you invaluable