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Dr. Oluwatoba Taiwo Akinniyi, Nigeria

"The little time I spent in this hospital allowed me to learn more than what I have in the last few years. This is truly a ' temple of learning'."
Dr. Lohnan Shedul, Nigeria

"Great experience and learnt a lot beyond my expectations."
Dr. Md. Shahidul Islam Akon, Bangaladesh

"It's a great place, I learnt a lot from this hospital,"
Dr. Hatem Hamdy, Egypt

This hospital is extremely wonderful. Actually I did not ?nd any mistake in this hospital, all thing go smoothly and systematic
Dr. Manjula Bansal, New York

"Superb institution. Great work. Surprised to see such high quality work. Thank you Dr S Rajasekaran"
Dr. Alok Sharan, USA

"Very good learning experience, Thank you for an excellent visit"
Dr. Akio Iwanami, Japan

"I really appreciate you giving us this golden chance ! "
Dr. Gayle Silveira, Australia

"I was exposed to a good volume of complex trauma cases and picked up some valuable tips from the ef?cient trauma surgeons. "
Dr. Masafumil Kashii, Japan

It is a wonderful and priceless experience in Ganga Hospital, India
Dr. Joe Baker, Ireland

I have learnt a great deal in my area of interest (spine) as well as seeing a variety of complex trauma.
Dr. Robbie Ray, UK

I have had a truly wonderful experience and have learned a huge amount during my short stay at this world class institute.
Dr. Neil Mackay, Australia

All your work is simply outstanding
Dr. Hyun - Kee Yang, Korea

Such a great experience
Dr. Dae Hyun Park, Korea

Nice learning experience. Great work.
Dr. Ed Simor Khan, Malaysia

"Very good learning experience, very kind hospitality."
Dr. Levi Morse, Australia

"Ganga hospital is truly an inspirational place. World class surgical care by an amazing team of professionals"