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Dr. D. K. Gupta, New Delhi

“ I salute the people who started this as a small hospital but had the vision to raise to the present status of an institute. I had opportunity to learn a few things and to carry back home particularly Dr.Rajasekaran is very inspiring. I wish all the best and thanks.”
Dr Raghukumar, Shimoga

“It was an honour to be a part of Ganga family for two weeks . My stay in Ganga Hospital helped me to improve my orthopaedic knowledge and helped to redefine my surgical skills. Wish to visit this center again.”
Dr Bipul Borthakur, Dibrugarh

“Ganga Hospital in my opinion is like great river The Ganga careering millions of people by its river bank. As in Hindu Mythology dipping into river 'Ganga' refreshes one's mind and soul. Same thing happened to me, during my stay in the hospital, helped me in refreshing my knowledge, updating myself, with a very advanced technology in the field of orthopaedics”
Rtn Warren Hall Crain, USA

“Deeply impressed by the work ethics, infrastructure & the quality treatment given to poor patients at affordable cost”
Rtn Wilfrid J Wilkinson,

“I am very pleased to learn about the Trauma services provided by Ganga Hospital. I also deeply appreciate their gesture of inaugurating ‘Uyir’ - a People’s Movement against Road Traffic Accidents”
Farhaan Altaf, London

I admired the facilities, professionalism and organization in the delivery of a high standard of patient care. I especially admired the emphasis on teaching within the department and the approachability of all.I would most definitely recommend those in the west to gain experience at the Ganga Hospital
Gajendrasivadhas, UK

“The experience and knowledge gained from my time here has been invaluable. I have no doubt that if I ever need my knee replaced or spine surgery done. I would not hesitate to board a plane and come here. I am very much looking forward to coming back and visiting Ganga Hospital.”
Ganesh Kamath, USA

Thank you very much for allowing to visit your facility and learn firsthand how to run a successful orthopaedic hospitality. Despite a health care system so different from our own, the end result is the same - good care for the patient. There are many things I have learned which I look forward to taking back to the U.S. both in surgical technique, doctoring and health care delivery.
Birhanu Ayana, Ethiopia

“This is a great opportunity for me having training in the ideal place for Orthopaedic learning and practice. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Dr.S.Rajasekaran for giving me this opportunity and I thank also to all Doctors and Ganga Hospital staffs for their support and guidance during my stay.”
Ashoke Sathy, USA

“It was an enjoyable and educational experience. I hope this is just the beginning of a long term friendship and relationship. I was very impressed with the overall efficiency and effective delivery of care while working under financial considerations. It was a great privilege.”
Anna Fox, UK

“The spine surgeries I witnessed in Ganga showed a wealth of talent, experience and inspiration showcased. Judging by the remarkable surgery and progress at Ganga hospital, I have no doubt that the new hospital will be even more successful and renowned and I hope may other surgeons from the UK have the opportunity to visit.”
Andrew Keith Thompson, UK

Having spent three weeks at Ganga Hospital I have learned about the philosophy behind the hospital which is constantly driving things forwards.My trip has been both educational and inspirational.
Fred Otsyeno, Kenya

“Wide experience in meeting many people from different background associating with the hospital as visiting teachers, clinicians, patients and well wishers. Valuable time in the out patient clinic, ward rounds, operation theatre with state of the art equipment and in all areas. Ganga hospital shall remain my pride for ever.”
Dr RySina, Cambodia

“This hospital is very good field for trauma, spine and joint replacement surgery. I wish I will come back next time for training.”
Anna Riemen, Scotland

“Every day was exciting and filled with learning. A great experience and inspiration for me as a medical student. Thank you very much for teaching me and making me feel welcomed.”
Masato Tanaka, Japan

Thank you so much for your great hospitality and friendship. I will try to keep up with you in daily work