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Visitors Comments

  • I thank all staff in Ganga Hospital for their hospitality and kindness and specially thank my teacher in microsurgery training. I thank Dr. Raja and Dr. Hari. It was very good work and I learnt and take good experience. Thank you again.

    Dr. Ari Raheem Qader

    Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Sulaimani, Iraq.
  • From the time I came to know that Ganga Hospital is conducting the microsurgery training, I had decided to undergo it. But for some or other reasons, it got postponed again and again, but ultimately I made it. The course was wonderful, well planned from basics to the most difficult ones. By the end of 5 days, I got the confidence of attempting clinical cases, although I need more and more opportunities to be a very successful one. I also felt I should stay back and do more for 5 more days. Thanks to Dr. SRS, Mr. Ravi, Ganga Hospital. Thank you all.

    Dr. Shijin V. Dharmadevan

    Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Aswani Hospital Thrissur,Kerala.
  • Thank you all at Ganga Hospital for being so warmly welcoming. My brief visit to Coimbatore for the microcourse has been tremendously enjoyable. The course is excellent and although the same cannot yet be said of my anastamoses, I feel like I have developed my skills - a great introduction having never done more than assist before in micro. The set-up in Ganga is phenomenal. Experiencing how people are looked after in other countries is a privilege for which I am grateful-Things here are so different from back at home. I would relish the chance to return in the future, if you will have me, there is much to learn. Thanks once again! With very best wishes.

    Mr. Ian King

    Plastic Surgery Trainee, Royal Victoria Infirmary New Castle upon Tyne, UK.
  • Like every year, my resolution for the year 2013 is to become better than I was as a human being and as a doctor. Couldn't have had a "BETTER START" for 2013. Seeing is believing. I saw a very positive energy in the whole system of Ganga Hospital, an attitude of relentless service to humanity with aim to improve every minute. I am inspired to create my own UTOPIA mimicking Ganga at Kanpur - aimed to better myself in skill and I now really believe that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

    Dr. Nandini R.

    Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon,Regency Hospital Kanpur.
  • As I am going to practice as a Regional Anesthetist, Ganga Hosptial had a big role as I learnt a lot about regional anaesthesia. This Institute is the best Institute in India to learn about regional anaesthesia. I really thank the owners of Ganga Hospital for starting such a good fellowship. I wish this hospital was also in Mumbai so I could have continued my work. But I will proudly say that I was part of Ganga family. Thanks to all who participate in teaching regional anaesthesia.

    Dr. Shashank D. Rane

    Fellow in Regional Anaesthesia & Trauma Andheri (East)Mumbai.
  • It was a great learning experience from Dr. S. Raja Sabapathy Sir and his team. We could learn hand surgery and other aspects of patient care. I feel that I could have contributed more. I thank everybody in the Hospital for their support. I hope that I shall make use of all the knowledge gained here.

    Dr. Darshan Kumar A Jain

    Hand & Microsurgery Fellow Bangalore.
  • Actually when I came to India on a three week visit I didn't expect to see and learn all of the things that I have seen and learnt. Thank you everyone.

    Dr. Hussein Muhammed Ali Baqer

    Consultant Iraq.
  • Dr Bilal

    9.65E+12 .
  • Since attending the perforator flap course at Ganga Hospital in 2008, I had wanted to return. I was not disappointed. I have learnt a great deal during my visit - Surgical techniques, patient care, team work and hospital management. I have been humbled by the expertise, dedication and hospitality I have experienced. I am grateful to Dr. Sabapathy, Dr. Hari and the rest of the team for their great kindness and words of wisdom. I will not accept what convention tells me. I can't /shouldn't do - I'll do it and then say whether or not it can/should be done!

    Mr. Sam Norton

    Specialist Registrar,Dept. of Plastic Surgery,Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital UK.
  • Two years of training in Ganga has made me a better Orthopaedician for sure. I feel a pain in my heart that I'm leaving this place which taught me and made me to realise my potential. Thank you everyone. Will be missing you all (My Ganga family).

    Dr. Latheesh Latheef

    Fellow in Hand & Microsurgery Kannur, Kerala.