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Ganga Hospital Doctors Win Awards at the Indian Orthopaedic Association Conference

Three doctors from Ganga Hospital presented scientifc research papers at the Annual Indian Orthopaedic Association Conference held at Agra in December and won the best paper awards in their respective sessions.

Ramesh Perumal

Dr Ramesh Perumal, Associate Consultant Trauma Surgeon at Ganga Hospital, won the RC Rallan Gold medal for Basic Science Research. His topic of research was 'Biochemical markers(serum lactate and Interleukin-6) in open injuries - Can they predict timing of reconstruction'.

Gowri Shankar

Dr Gowri Shankar, Registrar at Ganga Hospital won the Prof Joy Patnakar medal for post-graduates for the second consecutive time. His topic of presentation was "Is Prone position ideal for Manipulation and pinning of Paediatric Supracondylar humerus fractures ? A Randomised Controlled Trial".


Dr Devendra Agraharam, Associate Consultant Trauma Surgeon at Ganga Hospital, won the Prof A A Mehta Medal. His topic of reserach was on "Single stage reconstruction of bone defects of Long bones using Gamma irradiated structural Allografts".