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Ganga Anaesthesia Fellowship Online Exam 2021

Greetings from the Department Of Anaesthesia,Ganga Hospital. The Fellowship Exam will be an Online Exam

Instructions to all the candidates:-

  1. The Mock Exam : October 18th, 2020, Sunday : 11.30 am
    The Main Exam : November 3rd, 2020, Tuesday: 11.30 am
  2. All the registered candidates are instructed to arrange a laptop/ desktop with a functional webcam and good network connectivity.
  3. Candidates should be present in a closed room with good illumination and without any external noise.
  4. All the candidates will be shared with a link to join a google meet at 11.30 am sharp via their registered email address
  5. General instructions regarding the exam proceedings will be given in the meet.
  6. The exam link will be shared at 11.45 am to the same mail address. once you open the link, you will get a form for obtaining your consent for video tracking. Failing to give the consent will lead to disqualification.
  7. If your device camera was disabled, please go to the settings in your browser (preferably google chrome) and give permission to enable camera.
  8. Once your camera is enabled you need to focus your face in the rectangular green field. Following which you need to enter the registered email address in the form and proceed to answer your paper
  9. The questions will be set with a timer which will be running in the top of the window for your reference. All the question has to be answered and submitted before the timer goes off. The timer will be set for 45 minutes. Failing to submit within this 45 minutes will make your submission null and void. So please aim to submit by 44th minute
  10. Video tracker will be continuosly scanning your face and if you turn the face away from the camera, the tracker will report a negative feedback causing negative impression about you.So we instruct all of you to focus the camera and the screen till submission.
  11. If any of you try to open any other application/ browse windows, the same will be notified to us and you will be considered disqualified.
  12. All the decisions taken by the Department will be final and binding and no changes will be entertained.

We request all of you to stick to the above instructions and to undergo a fair examination. Best Wishes If you have any clarification mail to