Hope After Fire
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What does this project achieve?

Changing the Future of Families...

Child Farshad was 11 months old when he accidentally placed both his hands in hot water and sustained burn injuries to both hands. The wounds healed crippling both hands.

Burns often happen to young children. Left untreated, the scar can bend bones and make horrible deformities and make the hands totally functionless. We all live by our hands and when a child's hands become functionless the family suffers untold misery.

The wounds healed creating a deformity in both the hands. With both hands not working the child becomes crippled and is a burden to the society.

Right Hand

Left Hand

Child underwent staged reconstruction and tissues were borrowed from abdomen to compensate the skin that was lost due to burns.

After reconstruction procedures patient is able to use the hands. Now the child goes back to school and grows as a useful citizen of the country.

Post operative pictures

Changing the Future of Families...