Hope After Fire
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The Birth of the Idea

Many great projects have a very simple beginning. This project was no exception and it became a reality when a President of a Rotary club and one of its members were discussing ideas to do a 'good project' on a flight back home. The President was Rtn. Venkatesh, President of Rotary club of Coimbatore Metropolis and the Rotarian was Dr S Raja Sabapathy and they had gone to Kolkata where Dr Raja Sabapathy was given the Rotary International Foundation's 'Global Alumni Service to Humanity Award' at the Rotary Institute Meeting at Kolkatta. The meeting and the speeches at the Rotary Institute were impressive and both sitting together on the way back home, wanted to do something 'Big', something 'which made a lasting difference in the lives of people', and 'something about which we could be proud about to have been part of...'

Rtn. President Venkatesh

Dr Raja Sabapathy, being a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon was aware of the problems of post burn victims, and the magnitude of the problem in the society. Though it appeared to be a daunting task, Rtn. President Venkatesh, said that, 'we will go ahead, no matter what it takes...." He surely was counting on the support of all the club members and as expected every member of the Rotary club of Coimbatore Metropolis gave their full hearted support.